How to Find A Good Locksmith in Sydney


When you’re locked out of your home or in need of other locksmithing services, you won’t have a lot of time to do your research. Every minute spent looking into options is another minute you’re going to have to stand outside! That’s why it’s important to do some research before you need it. This is one scenario where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Ways to Find a Good Locksmith In Sydney

In Sydney, Australia, there will be no shortage of options. Here are the key terms you need to understand, to find the best option available to you.

Call out fee

A call out fee is just the fee that a locksmith charges to come out and investigate your issue. It does NOT include, nor contribute to, the costs of the work itself. A locksmith with a low call out fee is not necessarily the cheaper option – there can be one locksmith with a $50 call out fee and another with a $100 call out fee, but if the latter charges $50 less for the service itself, they are the same price. If you don’t want to risk paying for nothing, you need to use the service of a Sydney locksmith that offers a $0 callout fee for emergency callouts, like Sydney Mobile Locksmiths. That way you only pay towards the service itself.

Response times

Generally speaking, the later it is, the more locksmiths charge. That is why you should consider response time. If one locksmith is 10 minutes away but charging more than another an hour away, don’t take the cheaper option unless the difference is steep. If that far-away locksmith doesn’t show up and you need to get another, you’ll be paying much more even just a couple hours later. Sometimes it makes sense to pay a premium for a safer and faster option, rather than waiting on what seems to be a better option further down the line.


Many locksmiths do not operate at night, despite being ranked high on Google. That’s why if you’re calling for a locksmith late at night, it makes sense to click on the sponsored results first. While this is counter-intuitive to most ad-adverse customers, it makes sense because those sponsored results are displayed by the purchaser only in the hours they select. By clicking on the sponsored results first, you’re making it much more likely that the locksmith will be operating at that time, and in your location, by virtue of the fact they’re paying to target your location at that time. Many customers have ad-blindness, which means they end up with less options and a bad deal.

If you keep the above three factors in mind and understand how they apply when considering a locksmith, you should have no issues finding the best locksmiths when you need them the most.

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