How to Eliminate Bed Bugs Faster


If you are here and it’s your first-time encountering bed bug infestation, you should work with A1 Bed Bug Exterminator in Knoxville to help eliminate them before they spread.Here is what you should know about bed bugs and how to get rid of them

Bed bugs Cycle

A female bed bug lays three eggs in a day; in four days, they can even lay 200 eggs considering the number of present bed bugs in your house. They lay eggs after a blood meal, and they can survive for months without a blood meal, and still, their reproductive rate is high. A bed bug nymph takes ten days to hatch and only five days to mature or shed their skin. Bed bugs take 37 to 40 days to grow, and once they are adults, they mate and reproduce again. A bed bug takes 6 minutes to feed on your blood, and this is worrying because if you assume they will die on their own after a few trials, we are sorry they might bug you.

How to Eliminate Bed Bugs

If you insist on doing it on your own, here are ways you can apply to kill them or at least reduce their numbers. Bed Bugs are a nuisance, and having to deal with them takes extra effort.

Heat Treatment

Before you start the heat treatment, identify all the clothing and beddings with a bed bug infestation, separate them and ensure you put them in an airtight plastic bag with Nuvan Pro strips and allow it to penetrate. It will take an average of 3 days to kill adult bed bugs and seven days to kill their eggs.

Note: When separating clothing, place those dry clothes in a different plastic bag, and the wet/dump ones can be washed. The items that cannot be removed put them in a separate airtight plastic container and place them outside wherever the heat can reach 120°F.

Once you are ready and want to wash the clothes, you separate, soak them in the highest temperatures. Ensure while washing your Linens and garments in boiled water, ensure the temperatures are preferably 120°F.

When drying your clothes, ensure you use a high heat setting to kill the rest of the remaining bed bugs after washing them. Take an hour to do so, and when you are done, place the clean clothes in a different place. While disposing of the plastic bags and dirt, ensure you do it carefully by putting the contents in one plastic bag until you provide, there are no more bed bugs. As for the carpets, steam them to up to 120°F.


While vacuuming your bed, box spring, floor, furniture, carpets, and all the cracks and holes, it will help you get rid of some bed bugs, but not all. Ensure when doing it, you don’t spread the bed bugs. Collect the dirt and correctly dispose of it.

Pyrethroid-based pesticides

If you prefer to use over-the-counter pesticides, then buying pyrethroid-based pesticides will eliminate the bed bugs, but it depends on the extent to which the infestation is in your house. It’s dangerous to use the chemical by yourself, especially if you have no clue which method to apply; it is advisable to hire a bed bug exterminator to help you eliminate the bed bugs once and for all.

Diatomaceous Earth – Pet Friendly

Diatomaceous earth is a natural and environmentally friendly way to kill bed bugs. It is helpful to you and your pet as it doesn’t pose any hazards when using it. You can buy it as a spray or in a powdered form. Diatomaceous earth does not only eliminate bed bugs but also kill other pests like spiders and cockroaches. It is an efficient method of removing pests from your house without putting your life at risk.

Diatomaceous earth can be combined with other methods in pest management procedure for total elimination. Working with a bed bug exterminator will ease your work as he or she will apply the required knowledge to kill the bed bugs. You don’t need to stress this kind of method because it can take 3-4 hours, and you’re good to get going with your life routine.

Freeze Bed Bugs

Freezing bed bugs is also an ideal way of eliminating bed bugs once and for all. Immediately you identify all the spots the bed bugs are hiding; you can then apply it for faster and quick results.

It may be a bit expensive method to use, but a simple DIY to keep in mind during winter.

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