How to earn bitcoins

Bitcoin remains the most scandalous and yet the most desirable cryptocurrency on the market. Perhaps because bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to spread globally and made a lot of noise in its early days. Beginners and experienced financiers and analysts alike are eager to learn new secrets about how to get bitcoins. If you are one of them, we will reveal some of these secrets to you in our post below. If that’s not enough for you, go to our guide here.

Easy ways to get bitcoins

Among the easiest ways to get the cherished cryptocurrency are the following:

  • Connecting your bank card to a bitcoin rewards system. So after each purchase or payment from your card, you will receive bonus coins
  • Participating in contests. Fans of quizzes and giveaways are ready to share the opportunity to win bitcoins in various contests. You only need to find them and apply for participation.
  • Purchasing. There is nothing easier than just buying coins from those who have them.

As you can see, already these methods can start bringing you earnings in the form of cryptocurrency right now. Even beginners can take advantage of them.

Advanced ways to get bitcoins

However, there are more advanced methods that require certain skills, investments, and experience. They include, but are not limited with:

  • Mining. This method requires a certain investment in hardware or software when it comes to cloud mining. Further, the process is based on a kind of competition (or even a battle) for the title of the best in the development of technology. Whoever gets the title gets the bitcoins. The process can be repeated over and over again.
  • Retention. It works on the principle of investment in gold or currency, but no one guarantees that the change in the rate will be exactly in the direction of growth. If you’re lucky, it can be compared to buying an antique at a flea market and then reselling it at an auction for a high price.
  • Trading. Think of buying and selling stocks on the exchange. If you are investing and trading on the stock market, this method will not provide you with a difficult understanding. Just think of bitcoins instead of assets.
  • Remote job. Of all the groups of freelancers, the most successful in terms of earning cryptocurrency are still writers and web and graphic designers. They can get paid for projects directly in bitcoins. To do this, you need a digital wallet.
  • Small tasks. If you like to spend time on the Internet in a useful way, such as taking or conducting surveys, promoting channels in social networks, or just corresponding with friends, then this method is for you. Find projects willing to pay for these and other small tasks and start getting bitcoins.
  • Blogging. Influencers and vloggers, welcome! Monetize your interaction with your audience in the form of bitcoins. To start doing this right now, get in touch with brands that offer payment for your services in cryptocurrency.

Wrapping up

Wrapping up

We looked at ways of how to get bitcoins available in each country for different levels of users. In order to choose the most appropriate one for you, study what opportunities (time, money, skills) you have now or may have soon. These resources will help you build a foundation for funding your accounts with cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoins. And of course, do not forget to check the brands and projects that pay you for reliability and credibility! The main rule here is that it’s better slower but safer.