How to Drive a Kubota Tractor?

Hearing the name of Kubota tractors, didn’t you have the visual of its eye-catching orange color?

Well, the way it looks amazing, its performance is also worth praising and top-notch. But, many of us are afraid to drive the Kubota tractor as they think it is hard to handle and needs experienced hands.

To be honest, that’s not at all the case. Kubota pays attention to keep their functions simple and effortless so that even a newbie can run it well.

Don’t worry as I have come up with the easiest way of how to drive a Kubota tractor and described it with details.

So, let’s move ahead to learn it.

Process of Driving a Kubota Tractor

As stated by farm expert Scott McFadden of Farm Empower, Kubota tractors have set the components of functioning in an easier manner and they are not hard to understand and handle. Once you know the purpose of them and how to operate them, the rest is like making a cup of tea.

Well, I won’t drag the suspension and let me take you to the step-by-step driving process.

Step 1: Turn on the Engine

First, get on the tractor safely and sit on the driver seat and secure yourself with the belt. Turn on the safety switch and set the emergency brake on duty.

Then, turn on the ignition key after setting the transmission gear into neutral condition. Wait and turn it to the right and it will let the engine turn on.

Step 2: Free the Parking Brake

Now, to release the emergency brake or the parking brake, hold your foot on the clutch and move to first gear. Then, move your foot from the brake and it will be free.

Step 3: Use the Gears to Balance Speed

As the tractor is ready to drive, carry enough knowledge about the gears. From the first gear to the reverse gear, each of them will let you balance the speed. So, use them carefully.

Step 4: Park the Tractor

Finally, to park the tractor, push the clutch with pressure ensuring it is touching the floor. Set back the gears to the neutral state and bring the parking brake on duty. As the throttle is slow enough, turn off the ignition key.


1. How often should you change the oil in a Kubota tractor?

Answer: Changing the oil in a Kubota tractor is better when it is frequently changed. But, the period should not go above 200 hours of running the tractor.

2. Where are the safety switches on a Kubota?

Answer: You will get the safety switches on a Kubota tractor located under the driver seat. However, the location can vary depending on the tractor series or model but it stays close to the seat.

Conclusive Thoughts

I always mention that driving a Kubota tractor is easier when you know the instructions and follow the rules. Now that you went through them, I guess you are confident enough to drive it next time.

Hopefully, the question of how to drive a Kubota tractor won’t come anymore in your thoughts.