How to decorate living room with cushions


Is your living room looking a little outdated and dreary? Living rooms are commonly used as dumping sites for things, and the constant wear and tear may make them appear indelicate and dingy. The chore of redesigning your living room is usually viewed as a quite colossal process to handle.

It is common to make the wrong decision when it comes to picking the appropriate cushions for your living space. This systematic procedure will lead you through the decision-making process and assist you on how to decorate living room with cushions.

How to decorate living room with cushions: Simple process

The living room does not have to be modified to chill the inside. It is enough if you set the tone with a unique cushion and a brightly colored pattern. However, which cushions are appropriate, and what are the basic criteria to comply?

Therefore, while you start re-coloring, re-carpeting, or upgrading your old couch, try to add some extra cushions to the arrangement.

1. Decide on a color scheme

The first step is to figure out what color cushions you want to buy. Study the wall coverings, hanging art, drapes, and any other existing decorations in the room where the cushions will be used.

You are focusing on finding two to three primary colors in your room, which will form the foundation for your color palette. You might have one or two different shades, followed by a few designs using components of your colors. However, please note that some colors may mismatch.

2. Remove the matching cushions

Cushions are a great way to add tone and brightness to a room. Having cushions that reflect your couch is an immense waste since they will blend right in and make your couch look flabby.

Pillows that contrast nicely with the tone of your sofa and enhance other colors in the room are a smart replacement. It will be just as stunning as hanging fresh artwork on your walls.

3. Create a Juxtaposition

Stick with an even number of scatter pillows if you would like a classic appearance. Among the most suitable techniques to do this is to pick two solid square colors that are complementary and place one in each corner of your couch. Meanwhile, select two smaller comparable-shaped cushions and arrange them next to them.

If your room’s appearance is more trendy or diversified, an odd number will be the appropriate choice. If you have a three-seater sofa, you can use five different scatter pillows as long as you stick to your color scheme.

4. Select the Cushion’s Size and Shape

The most common error individuals make when selecting pillows is ordering all of them in the same form. Dull! To provide depth and intrigue, mix and match different shapes and sizes of cushions. Get two pillows of various sizes but the same patterned fabric, and then add some solid colors in between. It is just another technique for harmonizing your cushions.

5. Cushion placement in the middle

Why are our pillows constrained to the sofa’s ends? For couches, a centralized cushion style is a great option. Those are either too little to permit several setups or are too long to support layouts on both ends.

The combination also works well with curved couches that lack such rigid edges. To achieve the perfect mixture, use circular patterns that reflect the contours of the couch.

6. Experiment with various texture

This can be as inclusive or as manifest as you want. On the one hand, you can use a variety of shapes to make an aesthetically attractive combination. Cozy knits, wonderful natural linens, luxurious artificial furs, and gorgeous silk or velvet cushion shapes are just a few examples. On either side, you may keep it classic by using the same texture for the ground of your cushion covers.

7. Arrangement of alternative patterns

While dealing with designs and plains, an alternating configuration is among the most frequent and visually stunning options. Focus on two garments that are similar to one another. Layer one on over another towards the center of the couch.

8. Make your cushion placement

The placement of individual cushions is simple, professional, and utilitarian. They add interest to the leather couches’ squared shape, and some of them seem more robust. They are also appropriate for spaces that must retain an elegant appearance.

Last word

Experimentation is the unique advantage of how to decorate living room with cushions. Checking out various colors, styles, patterns, and textures, regardless of your preference, may be fascinating as you begin to define your own particular identity. If you prefer to keep things basic, a collection of square or round cushions can work well. Unless you want some extra drama then try complementing patterns, and styles to discover what you can.

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