How To Decide Between A Canopy Or Awning


If you have a home or a business then you probably have a space outside that can be used as and when you feel like it. Of course, it is hard to use the space when it is raining or even just cold. In fact, it can even be difficult to get outside and enjoy the space in the middle of summer as the sun can simply be too hot!

The answer is to get an awning or a canopy. This protects you from the rain or the sun and even allows you to generate heat on a cold night and enjoy the starlit sky. But, how do you decide which one?

The Difference Between A Canopy And Awning

The first step is to understand the difference. Awnings are usually attached to the wall of your home. They have no other supporting posts. An awning is a large piece of material that can be wound out of the wall and back in when not in use.

You can also get electric awnings that use an electric motor to drive the awning out, and back in.

In contrast, a canopy is usually a free-standing structure. It will have at least four posts, one at each corner. These are secured to the ground, allowing you to enjoy shelter under it.

Choosing Between the Two

Both are functional and can make an attractive addition to your home. However, whether you are looking at the latest awnings Sydney or a new canopy, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. This ensures you get a premium product that will last for years.

Light In Your Home

If you put a canopy up outside your home it will block the light to your home and it is not easy or practical to take it up and put it down every day.

However, awnings are made for this. Wind it in and you’ll get plenty of light inside your home. You can then wind it out to create shade and help control the house temperature.


Awnings attach to the side of your home and will wind out to a maximum of four meters. That should be enough to create a sizeable shaded area. However, they are fixed. If you want to sit in a different part of your garden you’ll need to sit in the sun or find an alternate shade. In contrast, the canopy can be relatively easily moved to ensure you get the perfect spot and amount of shade/weather protection.


Awnings are restricted in size to four meters wide and long. This is simply because all the weight is supported by a single bar attached to your home.

In contrast, a canopy could be much larger. But, you need to ask yourself whether you need anything larger.  The bottom line is that it’s difficult to find a more practical solution to enjoying your yard than by having an awning fitted.




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