How to deal with Internet surveillance?


Over the years, surveillance on the Internet has only intensified and many users think that they are constantly being monitored. This cannot be avoided because information about all people is practically in the public domain for the authorities. However, everyone sometimes asks the question of how to minimize the leakage of personal information into the network. In this article, we will tell you how to use the Internet safely.

Why is data leaking to fraudsters?

Previously, people could have confidential information about themselves and their loved ones, but now a completely different era has come. All data about our movements, meetings, messages and calls is located on the servers of various companies. This is due to the fact that we are accompanied by a smartphone on a daily basis.

When we go to a shopping center with a phone, then we can find information that at a specific time we were in this shopping center and track all movements on the map. At first, this was scary for people, but now everyone is resigned to the fact that geolocation is very easy to track just by collecting data from the phone.

In addition, when we take photos, most often we send them to the cloud so as not to occupy the phone memory. Thus, the cloud storage collects data about the location of the photo taken and what was captured on it.

Plus, we all use social media on a daily basis. When we like someone’s posts or just log into accounts, algorithms remember our actions and subsequently give us recommendations depending on our preferences. That is why nowadays many bloggers don’t have to buy Instagram followers. As a rule, the social network itself recommends accounts of a potential target audience.

How to protect yourself from information leakage?

Most of the traffic goes through browsers, because all your personal information from your account is stored there and what you are looking for in a search engine is tracked. Therefore, the main rule is the need to use a secure browser that openly speaks about the priority of protecting personal data.

Also, you should pay attention to what materials you upload to the cloud storage. You should not store documents there (for example, scans of your passport or driver’s license), private photos and information that should remain confidential.

When using social networks, try not to provide complete information about yourself (date and place of birth, family information and contact information). This can be insecure because every user will have access to your personal data and use it for fraudulent purposes.

You have probably come across calls allegedly from banks. People who introduce themselves as bank employees claim that your card details were stolen and that money could be stolen from you. To solve this fictitious problem, people require a card number and a secret code. In no case should this information be called to unknown people. Real bankers will never ask you for this information.

Is it possible to completely protect personal data?

Unfortunately, in the modern world, we cannot imagine life without gadgets and the Internet. It is very difficult to completely isolate yourself from the use of social networks, browsers, various websites and services. In this case, we can say that some part of personal data will always go to the servers of companies.

In addition, we cannot protect ourselves from using government services for storing documents that are now working online. All personal information including passport data is located there. However, me is able to minimize its footprint in the information environment through the careful use of gadgets.

Before downloading any app or opening a website, make sure they are safe and read the privacy policy. This is important in order to be sure that your data is safe.

We recommend that you check your devices more often for suspicious apps. Be sure to pay attention to how they work with recommendations. For example, if you were looking for some information in your browser and after a few minutes you came across it on social networks, then you should think about whether you need to use these services.

Your safety is in your hands, so try to do everything to avoid becoming a victim of scammers.

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