How to Cut Drywall with Oscillating Tool


Cutting drywall is one of the many tasks that can be done with an oscillating tool. When you are going to hang drywall for a whole room or you just want to add a new plug or switch, you need to know how to cut drywall.  You can cut drywall with a knife or other tools also but an oscillating multi-tool is the best option for you.

Options for Cutting Drywall With an Oscillating Tool

When you are going to buy an oscillating multi-tool, you have the option of going with a corded or cordless model. Both of the models operate on the same and they both have some advantages and disadvantages. Before you learn the best way to cut drywall with one of these tools, I am going to show you some pros and cons about them.

Corded Oscillating Tool

Corded oscillating tools are more powerful than cordless ones. The main advantage of this model is, as long as you have a power source, you don’t have to worry about running out of power. On the other hand, if there is no electricity supply in the working zone, you cannot use this tool there. Another thing you need to have and that is an extension cord in case the power source is far from your working area.  Some good multi-tool brands in the market have a universal fit system and they accept accessories from all other major brands.

Cordless Oscillating Tool

The main advantage of a cordless multi-tool is it is cordless and you can work with anywhere. You don’t have to worry about power sources in your working area as long as you have a charged battery. But there is a problem and that is, the battery can die if you have to work for a long time. But there is a solution to this problem: you can have a spare battery for your cordless oscillating tool.

Cutting Drywall With Your Oscillating Tool

Cutting Drywall With Your Oscillating Tool

After you decide from the cordless or corded model of the oscillating tool, now it’s time to gather some things to start cutting the drywall. Let’s take a look at them:

Safety Gear

A pair of safety gloves is very essential as all drywall contractors know. Choose a pair that has a thick layer for protection. A pair of goggles will protect your eyes from flying particles.

You should wear shoes that are not conductive. It will protect you in case there is any leakage in any electrical lines.

Saw Blades

It is very important to choose the right blade for your oscillating tool to cut drywall. Choosing a wrong saw blade can change the whole procedure. You will find two types of blades for cutting drywall and they are round and straight blades.

If you want to do plunge cuts, then straight blades are the best option for you. On the other hand, round blades are very good for cleaner cuts. So, choose your blades according to your requirements.

Cutting Procedure

Cutting Procedure

Here are some steps that I would recommend you to start cutting drywall with your oscillating tool:

  1. At first, start measuring and then mark your cuts with the help of a ruler and a pencil.

  2. Now, fit a drywall cutting blade in your oscillating multi-tool. In my opinion, a semicircle HSS blade can be a good option for cutting drywall.

  3. You can use work support for providing a stable surface. It is very useful when you are cutting a drywall sheet.

  4. Now, power up your tool and start making your cuts along the marked lines.

  5. A slow rocking or pendulum motion cut is the best way to cut drywall. It will remove debris and dust from the cutting line.

  6. If dust covers the cutting markings and you cannot see them, just stop the tool and wipe away the dust.

Also proper drywall dust disposal with a spray foam gun is essential, try collecting all debris and bagging up all the dust and toss it in your dumpster.

Final Thoughts

If you have to cut a lot of drywall then an oscillating multi-tool can save a lot of time for you. After you are done cutting the drywall, you can use sanding paper to smoothen the edges. So, an oscillating tool is a better option than a knife or other tools to cut drywall. You just follow the steps I have described above and I am sure you will be able to cut drywall properly.

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