How to create craft art with alcohol inks


Art and craft lovers have one thing in common; they are always looking forward to trying new designs and ideas. Being a DIY enthusiast also means that you may want to keep with the trends that are dominating the crafting world.

Alcohol inks might not be a new thing to you. The beauty of these inks is that they are beautiful, transparent and dry quickly. They are the perfect inks for creating gorgeous marbled designs on non-porous surfaces like metal, glass and ceramics. Alcohol Ink Guide from is the perfect start if you are not conversant with this area. The following are some tips to make the best out of alcohol inks:

Work on safety

It can get fumey when you are creating those crafts from alcohol inks. Painting in an open space is the best approach. However, if this is not possible, you should thus wear a respiratory mask and work in a well-ventilated room. You can also use a pair of gloves if you want to keep your nails and hands clean and avoid stains.  

Be patient

Most people want to become perfect with the first craft that they design. However, painting with alcohol is an area that requires patience. You may be tempted to use as much ink as possible the moment you get down to work. However, you may oversaturate your pieces, which makes it hard to correct any mistakes.  On the other hand, you can build up from less ink and come up with awesome pieces.

Experiment different ways of applying inks

The way you can apply your alcohol inks is not casted on paper. It mainly depends on the material you are working on and the results you are targeting. Some of the approaches you can try include dropping straight from the bottle, using sponges, a brush, spray bottle, droppers, cotton balls, markers or anything else that might suit your needs.

Prepare the piece you want to work on

You may think that getting that piece of glass, your assortment of alcohol inks and the brushes is all that you need to get work done. However, you must first prepare the piece or else you end up with a not-so-good looking piece of art. The funny thing with dirt such as dust will show up later when you are working on your piece. Wipe that piece you want to work on with a cloth and get rid of dust that may not be visible to the naked eye. You can also use alcohol wipes that you can get in your local store to clean your pieces.


The beauty of art is trying out something new, whenever you can. Some people argue that alcohol inks tend to have a ‘mind’ on their own. However, this does not mean that you lose control over the entire process. It is your time to experiment with different ink to solution ratios, application tools, combining mediums, surfaces and pallets. Experiment with everything that makes you happy until you get your drip.

Work on yourself first

We as humans tend to focus on pleasing other people. The same happens when it comes to art and you may be tempted to work towards making other people ‘like’ your pieces. You may end up with disappointments as people are always hard to please. Create what makes you happy and then learn how to take constructive criticism and become better at the art.

Create your personal style

You may be inspired by a certain artist. However, you need to come up with a unique style that will identify you. Spend the first few weeks or even months exploring until you develop a unique style. Do not let outside artists influence your decisions much as you may end up frustrated. Come up with a vision and work hard towards achieving your goals. You can borrow a few ideas from the experienced lot but also ensure that you are confident and creative.

Protect your finished products

The way you take care of that finished product will determine if it will be durable or not. Some colors can dry within a few hours while others take up to 24 hours to fully dry. Varnish is a very good option to protect your craft from dust and other types of dirt. UV rays are also not good for your piece of art.

You can now work on that craft that you have dreamed about for long. Get the necessary supplies early enough, prepare the work surface and have fun. Do not shy away from checking several resources if you feel lost. 


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