How To Create and Decorate a Casino Room in the House

Entertainment areas in a house can create an atmosphere of joy and happiness for not just the occupants, but their guests and visitors as well. If all things casino are your vibe, and you have room to spare, why not indulge in creating and decorating a casino-themed room?

Not only will it be a little getaway after a stressful week, but imagine the opportunities you will create, like themed birthday parties.

Let’s take a look at what features you need to think about once you have decided to create your casino room.

Game Choices

When looking at decorating a room, the first thing you have to think about is space. This will play a huge role in deciding what games and furniture you will be putting in there.

Next comes the fun part – deciding what games you want. Depending on your budget, you could add a slot machine, a card table (these can be relatively inexpensive and you can play a range of games, from poker to blackjack), and even a pinball machine for those guests who prefer gaming to gambling.

When you think of elegant and luxurious casinos, roulette must pop into your mind. If affordable, getting a roulette wheel will not only up the fun and entertainment but the entire look of your casino room.

If you consider yourself a handy sort of person, you could even build one. You can find inspiration at online casino live dealer games studios, such as blackjack at DraftKings Casino. The studio will give you a good idea of colors and soft furnishings that can be used.

Patterns and Colors

Speaking of, most beautifully decorated casinos use colors like burgundy, black, creamy white, green and dark brown, with accents of gold here and there for that truly wealthy feel.

Shop around to get quotes on different paint shades and make sure you buy what you need to prep your walls or the areas you wish to paint. You can even find some high-quality spray paint for the gold to keep your costs to a minimum.

Another cool idea would be to get casino-themed wallpaper, such as playing cards, spades, casino chips or even coins.

Drinks Area

What’s a casino without a cocktail? Or, if you’d prefer, a mocktail? You could find a vintage wooden or metal cabinet at a thrift store and refurbish it according to your color scheme. If you wanted to be really creative, you could even repurpose an old slot machine!


So you have your games, colors, wallpaper and drinks sorted. The next thing to think about is where people will sit as they play, enjoy a few martinis or just lounge about and converse.

Furniture also goes a long way to creating that casino atmosphere.

You could get some dark wooden high-backed chairs with lush fabrics that match your theme for the tables, high leather-like bar stools and even a comfortable couch with a print that is reminiscent of Emperors or Las Vegas. You could even strategically place side tables around the room for people to put their drinks down or enjoy some snacks.


In every room, lighting is key to creating a good ambience. You could splash out on a gorgeous crystal chandelier as the centrepiece, and downlighting or wall sconces throughout the rest of the room.

The gambling area should have slightly brighter lighting, so people can see what they’re doing, and always choose warm white as opposed to cool or ice.

Some Other Things to Think About

Something that screams opulence no matter where they are in the room, is long, draped curtains made from fabrics like velvet or suede. You could choose plain casino colors like red, black or green, a print that makes you feel wealthy, or even go all out and choose a design like dice or hearts.

Soft furnishings like cushions and carpets also add a touch of sophistication and regality. Take all this into consideration when decorating your casino room, and you will have visitors that come over who won’t want to leave!