How to Control Termites Naturally


Termites are very destructive, and if you have had some prior experience with them, you would be more than happy to keep anything wooden away from them.

These cellulose and water addicts will chew on anything from your wooden pieces of furniture, wooden doors to ceiling boards. The good news is that there are natural and inexpensive ways of termite control.

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Nematodes are tubular invertebrates that feed on termites. These small worms are available in select stores, or you can order them online. Using them is simple. Open the container and let them crawl into termite nests or areas you suspect termite infestation. These worms will eat the termites and reproduce until they have fed on all the termites. This termite control method is very effective, especially when you have enough nematodes to clear the colony.


You probably know vinegar is used in food preparation or as a condiment. This sour liquid is common in many kitchens and has various uses, such as cleaning countertops. But it is also very effective in termite control. Squeeze the juice out of two lemons and add it to half a cup of vinegar. Termites do not thrive in acidic areas. Use a spray bottle to spray the solution in termite-infested areas. Spray regularly to eliminate all the termites.

Borax Powder

Borax powder is often used as a laundry cleaning agent, although the powder can kill termites too. There are two ways of applying this powder. One, pour the powder directly where the termites reside. Two, mix sodium borate with water and spray the solution in the areas you suspect are infested. It would help if you remembered to spray the mixture oftentimes since you may have missed some termites in the last spray.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is used for aromatherapy purposes, and you can order some from home improvement stores and online also. This aromatic oil is manufactured from the outer coverings of the orange fruit. Orange oil contains d-limonene, which dissolves the hard shell coverings on termite bodies. Literally skinned alive, termites lose proteins and a lot of water from the exposed bodies and consequently die of dehydration.

You can use orange oil as termite control and killer tool. Sprinkle the oil around your home since it acts as a termite repellant. If the area is already infested, you have to go after the termites and spray the oil directly. Constant spraying will guarantee you a termite-free home.

Wet Cardboard

This is the simplest yet effective method you will ever come across. And you don’t have to buy any termite eliminating chemical. Get a cardboard piece and leave it in water till it is thoroughly soaked, then place it in termite-infested areas. Termites love chewing on woody things like timber. They also love the water, which makes this bait the perfect combination.

The bait will lure termites to come and feed on the cardboard. Wait until there are enough termites on the cardboard, then take it out and throw it into blazing flames to roast the termites. Do that several times until you have killed as much as possible.


This is another cash-free method of termite termination.  Termites avoid sunlight as much as possible because they die when exposed to UV rays and heat. Sunlight termite elimination is especially effective in summer. If the termites wreak havoc on your furniture, get everything out into the open where there is direct sunlight. But sometimes, these destructive pests attack parts of the house, such as beams. Flood the area with UV rays, and the problem will be over.

Termite Barriers

Ideally, the building contractor should install a termite barrier all around the house once the building is complete. But it is not too late to install one if they didn’t. Get some people to dig out a shallow trench all around the house. Fill the channel with termite repellant materials or any other material used for termite control. This method is especially effective for discouraging subterranean termites who burrow their way into your home.


Eliminating termites is simple and inexpensive. You can take the furniture outside on a sunny day, install termite lights, use orange oil, borax powder, nematodes, and even vinegar.


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