How to Clean Your Roof? Make it Shine Once Again!


Sometimes the roofs accumulate too much moisture, which may lead to the growth of algae, moss, fungus or mold. This not only ruins the overall appeal of the house, but it also has some certain negative aspects. Hence, roof cleaning is incredibly significant, and if a person does not want different sorts of build-ups ruining their house, they should not ignore roof cleaning.

Why Roof Cleaning is Important

There are multiple reasons why people should often wash their roofs to keep them clean:

  1. Keep the house visually appealing: A spotless roof is attractive to the owner and any potential buyers. A dirty roof would give off a negative impression and push back any buyers.
  2. Maintenance of the roof: Keeping the roof in good condition will prolong its life span. Lichen growth can cause damage to your tiles hence reducing their value.
  3. Protecting overall house structure: The roof is the first and outermost layer of the house. If it is harmed, then it can make other house structures vulnerable to damage such as leakage in the ceiling, moisture damage etc.
  4. Save money on repairs and installments: If the overall state of the roof is preserved, then any extra expenses on repair can be easily avoided.

Different Types of Washing Techniques

There are three main types of roof cleaning, which are listed below:

High-Pressure Wash:

As the name suggests, water is aimed at the unclean area at high pressure. While this method is suitable and quick usually, it is not recommended for roof cleaning. That is because it can damage your tiles and shingles, disintegrating them and ruining the structure.  Be sure to check out Castle Keeper’s Maintenance Inc as well.

Chemical / Soft washing:

In this procedure, chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, are sprayed on the roof in order to remove the unwanted algae or lichen. Keep in mind that you most likely won’t be able to soft wash a roof by yourself. I’m talking about professional companies such as Chicago Racoons and their roof cleaning service.

There are particular proportions and mixes of chemicals for each type of roof, in short you need experience to do it. While this technique does the job perfectly, it can not only tarnish the shingles and tiles but also may harm the plants in the surrounding area.

Low-Pressure Wash:

This is the combination of the other two types. A battery-operated sprayer is used to spray cleansers that are approved and do not damage any property, and then a low-pressure hose is used to wash them off. This is not only efficient but also not harmful and high pressure blasting.

Different Types of Roofs

The roof plays a big role in catching someone’s eye when they first look at a house. It comprises most of the exterior of the house; hence an appealing roof is very important.  There is a large variety of roofs, and some are mentioned below:

  • Gable,
  • Clipped gable
  • Dutch gable
  • Gambrel
  • Hip
  • Mansard
  • Shed
  • Flat

Various Roof Surfaces

There is a large variety of roof surfaces, and these are listed below:

  • Rolled roofing
  • Built-Up roofing
  • Membrane roofing
  • Asphalt composite shingles
  • Standing seam metal roofing
  • Metal shingles
  • Wood shingles or shakes
  • Clay tile
  • Concrete tile
  • Slate shingles
  • Synthetic (rubber) slate tile
  • Ecofriendly green roof

Here is a very basic guide on how to clean shingle roof as non-professional.

Is your roof looking grim and dusty? If it is, find a suitable roof cleaning services provider near you and get it all cleaned up today!

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