How to clean your house after a party


So you just spent the previous night partying hard, and now you are left thinking about how you will clean your house again. You have come to the right place to get directions. Last night was fun. Right? Now let’s do some work. You can clean your house after a housewarming party and make it look like an almost new house by following these steps:

Grab Some Garbage Bags: First, grab a few garbage bags and then gather all the garbage, such as empty bottles, packets, plastic and wrappers, food scrapes, etc., and pile them in those garbage bags. Doing this is the first and most necessary step because cleaning the house begins with collecting trash and discarding it if it is of no use.

Pack The Leftover Food: All the leftover food must be stored in containers and kept inside the refrigerator to prevent it from going bad, which can cause illness and food poisoning. Try to eat all the leftover food within 2-3 days because bacteria will start growing after 2-3 days if they are not properly refrigerated. Leftover food like sauce and dips which cannot be stored must be discarded immediately. You may also decide to donate the food to the homeless shelter.

The Cookware & Utensils: You were tired the previous night after the party ended, so you left the cookware and utensils to clean the day after. Pulling off will be tiring, but the result will be rewarding after the cleaning is perfectly done. Use the best dishwashing product you have and start doing the work. Use warm water to clean the utensils because it helps remove the stains from the utensils easily. Scrub the utensils with dishwashing detergent until clean, then rinse them with water. All of the cookware and utensils will look like new items again.

Clean The Toilet: Your toilet was the most visited part of your house yesterday. So many people of different lifestyles and hygiene have used it; therefore, you must clean your toilet thoroughly. Good hygiene means you will be less likely to be affected by diseases. Also do not forget to clean the toilet floors too.

Mop The Floors: Just like your toilet’s floor, you should clean the floors of your house too. Mopping the floors is the best way to clean them because it leaves no space for dust particles in your house. Dust particles can also cause allergies; it is better to keep your house clean, at least from dust.

kitchen Counters And Furniture: Discard all the leftover food particles and wipe down the food stains from the kitchen counters. The stains will become difficult to remove if they are kept unclean for a long. Just like the kitchen counters, wipe the furniture of your house to remove spots, dust, and sticky stains from them. Mix dishwashing soap in water, dip a soft dry cloth, and wipe the furniture’s surface. It will be enough for cleaning the surface. Or you can also buy some wipes for cleaning wooden furniture.

Carpets, Curtains & Bed Covers: Clean the carpets, curtains, and bed covers to prevent dust particles from causing allergies. Clean the curtains and bed covers with detergent, but try cleaning the carpets with shampoo. Learn more about why you should shampoo your carpets to make them look like new ones. You may seek professional help to remove the tough stains on your carpets.

Clean The Outside: After all the inside cleaning is done, clean the outside too. If empty bottles are left on the lawn or other parts of your property, dispose of them in the dustbin. Wipe the windows and doors from the outside.

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