How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors


Vinyl plank floors are one of those affordable floors that have a lot to offer. You can use it everywhere in the house. You can go higher quality, get a luxurious feel by having them in the hall room and you can be a bit thrifty when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. For that, there are now two types of vinyl planks. One is the regular vinyl, and another is the luxury vinyl. Both areas will have vinyl planks but will be full in contrast to each other in handling different issues. But as they are both vinyl floors, they will complement each other in terms of appearance.

Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl

Both are vinyl plank floors, made of vinyl, but the difference is in the thickness. Vinyl floors are thin, no more than a mm, but luxury vinyl planks are 5x thicker. These being thick are why luxury vinyl floors seem more like hardwood than the standard vinyl plank if rightly built.

Other than the price and water resistance, luxury vinyl plank floors are better than the vinyl floors. The former has better quality materials, more durable, lasts at least five to ten years more, more realistic in appearance, and though hard to believe but easier to install.

In terms of price, luxury vinyl floors cost almost 5x more than regular ones. But that depends on how high in quality and luxurious in appearance you hope the vinyl planks to be. Luxurious will be pricey. It’s the norm.

We will suggest you use regular vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen and bathroom area. Using luxurious vinyl planks in the regions that have a connection to moisture, water is a waste. Because the way regular vinyl planks perform in these areas is just top-notch, no close competition there. So, if you plan to have vinyl flooring, have the upsides of both the worlds by placing them the right way.

Cleaning Vinyl Plank Floors

Vinyl floors are the easiest to clean. Warm water and stick mop that is the combo you require to sweep a vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors strictly need regular dusting. For deep cleaning, you can use a gentle floor cleaner or dilute apple cider vinegar by water and then sweep the floor with a mop. These are all applicable to cleaning the luxury vinyl floors too.

Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Cleaning the luxury vinyl plank floors is similar to cleaning the vinyl plank floors. Discussing how to clean luxury vinyl plank floors,with what tools will, in any case, let you know how to clean the regular vinyl plank flooring.

Dusting Everyday

If you do not dust the luxury vinyl plank floors every day and dirt layers up, there will be scratches all over your flooring. And to be honest, luxury vinyl floorings are not cheap in any way. They are one of the priciest floors. So, scratches and scuffs on the luxury vinyl plank floors are going to hurt you hard.

How hard is to dust a floor every day, is it too hard! If it is, then add brooming in your exercise routine and do it religiously. Continue exercising and keep your surroundings dust-free to keep yourself healthy, and the luxury vinyl floors last scratch-free. It is killing two birds with one stone scenario.

Mopping in Alternative Days

Now coming to mopping, sweeping whatever you call it, that is not a regular thing to do. You can do it every alternate day. However, we will highlight that regular mopping could be tedious but great for vinyl plank flooring.

Though luxury vinyl flooring is not water-resistant and has gaps through which the moisture seeps in and ruins the floor even then with a proper mop after thorough wringing, you are doing good to your luxury vinyl flooring by everyday sweeping.

Mops for Vinyl/Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

The term proper mop brings us to the best mop for vinyl plank floors and trust us the number of mops that both vinyl and luxury vinyl floor tackles are the highest. Broom, mops, and vacuums, you can use everything on your vinyl and luxury vinyl floors.

However, the condition is high-quality. The low maintenance floor deserves at least your effort in searching the best mop for it. We have some recommendations for you. So you do not even have to search. Just pay to purchase and use them to clean your vinyl plank floors regularly.

Bissell Steam Mops

Not all steam mops are for vinyl flooring. Let alone the luxury vinyl flooring. It might not tackle the steam and heat of the steam mop. However, Bissell steam mops suit both the vinyl flooring very well. You can use warm water and a stick mop for regular cleaning, but the vinyl flooring requires deep cleaning once in a while. These steam mops do that deep cleaning efficiently without using any harsh chemicals. The heat and released vapor of Bissell mops are apt for vinyl floorings. So, you deep clean without ruining the surface.

Swiffer WetJet

Swiffer Wetjet is another mop that deep cleans the dirt, grease, and grime from the top-to-bottom home surface. It’s a spray mop that comes with its own gentle cleaning solution and microfiber-like pads. The dual nozzles spray the cleaning solution, one press in the button emits just the right amount you need to mop a floor. You do not have to be too cautious, thinking you are using a spray mop and chemical to mop the luxury vinyl plank floor.

Microfiber Mops

Last but not least, when you are using warm water to clean your vinyl flooring, do it with stick mops that have a microfiber pad on them. Any microfiber cloth will also be fine. Microfiber pads and the scrub pads these mops include with them are very gentle on the vinyl surface but effectively cleans the dirt, grease, and grime.

Let the luxury vinyl plank floor breathe, let it last, let it stay scratch-free. Otherwise, hell hath no fury like a scorned vinyl flooring. Sounds familiar, yes, we have derailed to modify the saying a bit to emphasize that you cannot repair a vinyl flooring if it’s damaged. You will have to replace the whole of it. Hence, show some love to your luxury vinyl plank floor if you do not want to end up with a ruined surface that has cost you quite a bit.

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