How to Clean Floors Efficiently with a Cordless Mop


We are all looking for ways to clean faster and easier. What better way to do this than using a cordless mop? It’s a lightweight and powerful electric-powered machine that is an effective floor scrubber.

Unlike the traditional mops, newer mops like the cordless electric spin mop make works easier because they are self-propelling and require less pushing. A spin mop scrubs the floor with the help of two spinning pads that rotate in different directions.

Here are some important tips and how to get started using it if you’re new to using the cordless mop.

Why Choose a Cordless Mop?

The cordless makes fulfilling your housework possible in a shorter time and less stressful way. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You can clean anywhere far away from a socket without being limited by the cord length.
  • You are assured of clean and dry hands throughout the cleaning exercise, unlike traditional mopping.
  • The cordless mop can either be used as a dry dust mop or with a solution.
  • The floor dries much faster, a bit more quickly because the spin mop never leaves large amounts of water on the floor.
  • The cleaning pads are reusable and washable, which is hygienic.
  • They use rechargeable batteries.

How to Clean the Floor with A Cordless Electric Spin Mop

The mop requires at least four hours of charge before reusing, depending on the manufacturing company. The power can last you up to 30 minutes of clean up time. That is enough time to clean a large area. The indicators on the mop stand that light up to show when it is in full charge.

For light-duty mopping, use the soft-touch pads and scrubby pads for heavy-duty cleaning. Both are gentle on all floor types, but the scrubby ones are advisable for stubborn stains.

The solution tank is marked depending on the area of cleaning. It is wise to fill it up to the large area mark because you can reuse the remaining solution. Filling it up also ensures the mop is not very lightweight; therefore, it cannot get out of control when spinning.

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Bend the mop stand while stepping on the bottom part turn on the device. Always hold the mop stand at an 80-degree angle for better results.
  • When using a cleaning solution, press the spray button on the handle.
  • Adjust the settings to suit the level of cleaning.
  • To start the cleaning pads’ spinning, press the spin on and off button found at the handle.
  • Once done, hold the stand straight up, back to its original position to turn it back off. Some machines turn off automatically after minutes of inactivity.
  • Clean the pads properly to remove any accumulated dirt and dry them.
  • Store the mop in a cool and dry place.

How to Clean The Floor Using A Cordless Steam Mop?

Cordless steam mops offer an ideal way of removing dust and stains on your floors. Using this machine is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Start by vacuuming the flooring to get rid of dry trash and loose dir.
  • Next is to fill the water container and turn the mop on. Wait for about 45 seconds for the water to get heated.
  • Elevate the stem up to 5 times to dampen the moist cloth. Choose a cleaning method depending on much work is needed.
  • Begin cleaning by moving the device forward and backward.
  • Once done, wait for the microfiber steam pad to cool off, then remove it,
  • Clean the machine and properly store it.

User’s Tips

The electric mop comes with a manual and a set of guidelines for safe use. Kindly read through these rules before using the device. Some of those rules include the following:

  • Never dip the mop in water or any form of solution.
  • If you plan to stay a long time without using the mop, remove the batteries.
  • Before charging the device, first, remove the detachable battery pack.
  • Dispose of the batteries according to the manufacturers’ set regulations for electronic waste disposal.
  • Avoid using the device for more than 30 minutes continuously to prevent overheating.
  • Fully charge the batteries before use.
  • Avoid washing the spinning pads with a fabric softener because it weakens their ability to clean properly.


A cordless mop is an essential equipment either at home, school or around your office area. Both the cordless spin and steam mops are suitable devices for daily cleaning chores and friendly to floors of all types as long as they are sealed.

Choosing a cordless mop will go a long way to making your home work more manageable. Besides, they are easy to use, and anyone can easily get started. If you follow this guide, working with a cordless will be an easy task.

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