How to clean and maintain your air conditioner at home

Cleanliness surely adds to the charm of your home. You need to ensure the fact that you take care of every intricate detail. When it comes to maintaining your home, then taking care of the appliances is also crucial.

The homes of today have a wide range of appliances including Portable Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi. However, what is essential is that you need to take care of your appliances also. We will give you some guidelines to maintain your air conditioner at home without requiring professional help.

Maintaining your air conditioner at home

Turning off the power of the ac

When you have to clean your ac unit, then the first step is to turn off the power. The reason is that your safety is paramount when you clean your air conditioner. The best time to clean your ac in day time because you have ample time to manage things.

 Cleaning the evaporator coil

You will be able to find a door to the evaporator coil. For opening the units, you will need to remove the foil duct tapes. You have to unscrew some of the bolts also. Take hold of a soft brush. Make use of the brush to remove dust from the coil.

The dust usually contains particles that tend to accumulate inside your home. You should go for a no rinse coil cleaner to clean the coil. What this spray does is that it tends to foam up. It becomes easy to remove dust.

The best time to clean the coil is to do it on a warm day. The reason is that AC condensation tends to rinse off the coil.

Keeping the drain pan clean

You also have to clean the ac drain pan. You can make use of soap and hot water for cleaning the drain pan. You can also go for a 50/50 mixture of water and bleach. You should consider pouring the solution down the drain. You can also go for ac drain pan tablets when you wish to keep the pan clean.

It is also vital that you clean your ac unit from outside. You should make sure that you disconnect the ac and remove the grills. Try removing the debris in the air conditioner. You can make use of a wet vacuum to take out the debris.

It is vital that you clean the ac fins also.  You can simply dilute your cleaning solution to clean the fins. Now, there is no denying the fact that cleaning the ac is an intricate process. You need to indulge in some research work. It will not be a bad idea to watch some videos that talk about cleaning your ac.

The benefit of this practice is that you will be able to clean your ac in a proficient way. If you fail, you always have the option to go for professional help. Start the cleaning regime of your ac right away. You will be satisfied with your decision.