How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug


Rugs are very important to homeowners as they make rooms lively and cozy. A lot of us sit, walk around, or play on them as they provide the perfect padding for our floors and provide comfort for us. An area rug can transform the look of a room by adding class and elegance to it or by changing how the style of the home feels. For instance, if you have a Persian rug in your living room, you may decide to change it to another piece like a faux hide rug, which will change the overall style from a traditional one to a modern one. Rugs are that powerful, especially if the’re coupled with the right living room furniture and decor!

We spend a lot of time on area rugs, and there are different rooms in the house where they can be very functional. You can have them in your living room, bedroom, or dining room to make the space more cozy and relaxing. Rugs go through a lot of wear and tear because they are usually placed in sitting areas where people spend a lot of time. Drinks or food can spill on them, amongst other things, and this is why the type of rug one chooses has to be carefully selected according to the purposes it will be serving. This article will show you in detail how to choose the perfect Kilim rugs for your living room

Consider your Lifestyle

You need to take into consideration the kind of person you are and what kind of family and friends will be spending time in your living area. If you are an entertainer, you will be having a lot of visitors around, and your living and dining rooms will be getting used a lot. Therefore, you should invest in durable area rugs that can withstand all the movement that will be happening on them. 

There are different types of rugs you can invest in that are easy to clean and maintain generally. Choose rugs that are impervious to water and can get stains off easily. Some of the most popular durable rugs are made from materials like wool, jute, and sisal. 

Choose the Right Rug Layout and Size

Before making a decision on what kind of area rug you should purchase, you need to check out the layout of the room and how you will be styling the rug to fit with it. Rugs come in different sizes, and so do rooms and other furniture. You may want a rug design that is in the center of all furniture or a bigger one that all chairs and tables can stay perfectly on.

The size of your room and the arrangement of the furniture determine the size of your area rug. You can style the rug according to the entire space the furniture is taking up and even make cuts to the edges to fit the space of the room flawlessly. 

Choose Vibrant Colors

Rugs come in various colors, ranging from bright to dark ones and everything in between. There is a large color palette you can choose from depending on your personal taste and the kind of color theme you are working with in your home. 

The color of your rug will set the tone and character of your room, and this is why you should put some thought into the one you’ll be choosing. You can choose to coordinate the color of your rug with that of your existing furniture, other accessories and walls, or you can use a distinct color that draws attention to the floors of your room. 

Play with Patterns

Rugs are available in so many types of patterns, and there are different looks you can go for. You can pick patterns that are funny or those that inspire brilliance. Traditional rugs have the most distinct and unique patterns, but contemporary ones are usually kept plain and simple. 

There are different patterns you can use for rugs in your rooms. They can be geometric with different kinds of shapes, stylized with artistic drawings or figurative. It all depends on your personal style. 

Choose the Right Material

You should invest in rugs made of the right material that can be maintained easily and suit your lifestyle. Wool is the most commonly used type of rug, and there are certain qualities it possesses that make it a great fit for many homes. It is very soft, durable and water-repellent. 

A rug is meant to serve two purposes: adding beauty and comfort to a living space, which implies that the kind of rug you purchase should suit the description. There are other great materials you can select from, such as silk, cotton, jute, sea grass, and more. They all have different characteristics that make them unique and suitable for different rooms in the house. 

You can layer your Rugs

Layering of rugs is a process that is not carried out enough by homeowners. There is no downside to layering rugs because, when done right, they can make a space sophisticated and classy. This process works best in rooms that are spacious without a lot of furniture and accessories. 

Layering works very well when you mix two rugs of different sizes and patterns. You can layer a patterned rug with a plain rug, as well as a smaller rug with a bigger one of different textures or colors. Layering of area rugs just makes the definition of the space better. 

How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug in Summary

Area rugs are useful in more than just living rooms. You can have them in the den, bedroom, or dining room, and there are several ways you can style them to suit your taste and that of your family. 

Invest in quality area rugs made from durable and comfortable materials. They will serve you and your family well and will save you any extra replacement or repair costs in the near future. We hope this article was able to properly inform you on how to choose the perfect area rug. Thanks for reading!

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