How to Choose the Best Weed Killer for Your Lawn?


Nothing can ruin a lush green backyard like fast-growing weeds. After a point, hand pulling weed is not an option. But then, how can you get rid of them? Services like Green Grass Plot can help homeowners learn how to take better care of their backyards.

What Are the Different Types of Weed Killers?

Weed killers are not a one size fits all solution. With various weed killers in the market, it can be hard to select one. Knowing how each type works and which weed types, they can be used for makes the decision easier.; with services such as Green Grass Plots, you can learn more.

Pre or Post Emergent Weed Killers

As the name suggests, pre-emergent weed killers are designed to target and kill weed seedlings before they have a chance to emerge and grow. A pre-emergent killer will not have much success in killing weed that is already growing in your backyard.

Post-emergent weed killers are designed to kill weed during their active growing season; you need to apply them directly to the leaves to use such weed killers.

Selective and Non-selective Weed Killers

Selective killers are used for selectively killing the weeds rather than other plants in your backyard. Non-selective weed killers are used to killing weeds but also affect other plants, beneficial or otherwise.

Systemic or Topical Weed Killers

A systemic weedkiller eradicates weed from the roots. No matter which part of the weed plant it is applied to, it attacks the entire system, from the leaves to the roots. With a topical weed killer, only the areas where the weed killer is directly applied are affected.

Persistent or Non-persistent Weed Killers

Persistent weed killers stay active after you have applied them. Hence, they help in the prevention of future weed growth as well. With non-persistent weed killers, you can tackle the present problem but cannot use it for prevention.

How Do You Apply Weed Killers?

It is crucial to select one that will help you with your weed problem when using weed killers. Experts can analyze your web problem and provide you with the right solution if you are unsure which one to pick. Apart from selecting the correct type of weed killer, it is crucial to know how the weed killer should be applied.

  • Keep the product label handy to know whether you should dilute the weed killer before use.
  • For solid weed killers, you will need to use a spreader to apply it evenly.
  • Wait for a few days after you have mowed your lawn to apply your weed killer. Otherwise, you risk harming your grass.
  • Wait for a fantastic day to apply your weed killer. When it’s hot, weed killers can damage your grass, and if applied too close to a rainy day, the rain may wash away your weed killer before it is absorbed.

Perfecting your weed killer routine is not easy; there is a lot of information that you need to know about your weed problem before you can find the right solution to it. Services such as Green Grass Plot can help you understand the weed-killing process better and help you identify different weeds in your home, and aid with backyard maintenance.

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