How to Choose the Best Shutter Option for Your Commercial Property


Security is a top priority in commercial properties. Shutters are an excellent choice for any commercial property as they provide the right aesthetic appeal while maintaining security.

Shutters are an assembly of panels attached to doors or windows using hinges. They are essential in providing security, light regulation, and privacy. Shutters are popular due to their cost-effectiveness and overall appeal.

Below are tips to assist you in picking the best shutter option for your commercial property.

What to Consider When Buying Shutters for Your Commercial Property

When shopping for shutters, you will encounter a wide variety of types and designs. Here is what to consider.

The Type of Property

Different commercial spaces have varying security needs. Shops, for example, may require more aesthetically pleasing options than banks or offices. The safety features may also differ per property.

If you have a street-front shop, you should go for an option that gives visibility while still being secure. Security roller shutters are a great choice to pick in such a case. They have sizeable spaces between the narrow grilles, allowing the customer to view the items inside. The grilles are made of heavy-duty material, providing the necessary level of safety.

You can also install window shutters on your property. These can be rolled out during open hours, then rolled down when closed.

Privacy Needs

In addition to security, shutters are suitable for maintaining privacy. This aspect is essential in a corporate setting with glass doors and windows. You can set the shutters at an angle that restricts visibility while still allowing light into the office in such offices. That way, you maintain confidentiality and save on energy bills.


Shutters are available in many colours, which allows you to match them with your theme. This gives the space a harmonised look.

It is also an excellent branding avenue when one cannot paint the walls. Your shutters in brand colours will match other branded stuff on the property.

Security Concerns

It would be best to consider the crime levels in your area as you choose your shutters. For locations with a high crime rate, it is best to pick steel shutters as they are the strongest. You can select shutters with lighter materials for places with low crime levels.

Type of Operation

Shutters are available in either manual or electric operation options. Your budget would dictate the type you choose, considering that manual ones are more affordable. That said, electric shutters are better due to their convenience because they are remote-controlled.


Always go for good-quality shutters. Poor quality shutters may be cheaper but can cost you more in the long run. On the other hand, a high-quality shutter is more durable, so it’s better value for money. In addition, you may need to repair damages less often.


After installing the shutters, you have to maintain them in good condition. Keeping them clean is one maintenance aspect. You can wipe down or rinse off the dirt for most shutters. The cleaning is done while they’re still intact; you don’t need to take them down.

Also, shutters are pretty easy to repair if they get damaged. You only need to replace the affected panel for the shutter to continue working as required.


There’s a fine line between keeping your property secure and scaring off customers. It is best to consider all these factors to pick the best shutter for your commercial property. Also, seek the services of a professional in making the final decision. Their experience and more in-depth knowledge of shutters will come in handy.


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