How to Choose the Best Mouse Traps for Home Use


Let’s discover how to choose the best mouse traps for home at your convenience.  Handling mice can be tricky because they are smart and rodent little gnawing mammals.  Hard to catch and good at hiding themselves.  Moreover, they are very annoying.

So, ever noticed how mice get inside the house?  Not only do they go inside the house for food, but to raise their families as well.  They are mammals and breeds two, three or even more in a single birth.  Imagine they all squeak at the same time and running around the house and leave a mess?

It’s time to stop those annoying rodents.  Read through the article and find mouse traps for your kitchen (since the kitchen is the source of all foods) and for your house in general.  Some are homemade, where one or two are more effective than others.  Make your mouse trapping easy and what’s work best for you.

Best Mouse Traps for Home

There are 5 types of mouse traps that are categorized under the best mouse traps for home behind all designs and manufacturers.  They are the ones that actually work includes traditional mouse traps, modern live mouse traps, glue bait mouse traps, homemade mouse traps, and electronic mouse traps.  Let’s take a closer look at each mouse trapping tricks.

When it comes to traditional mouse traps, it is a method that has been used for over 100 years.  Traditionally, the simplest method you might remember from your childhood is the carton method.  To utilize this method, you can use a carton box tissue, put bait inside and make the lid closes with a hook as the mouse gets in the trap.  Another traditional trap is using the wooden bracket.  Put the mouse bait inside and the bracket will close suddenly and killed the mouse by squashing it.  Traditional mouse traps are the cheapest, but there are other effective devices.

The live mouse trap is more humane and does not kill the mouse.  How it works is a small box with a special hook is placed in the bait.  The mouse eats the bait and then the lid closes.  The mouse is there alive and makes sure to release it far away on the outfield.  However, if you are looking for the Pet Friendly Mouse Traps, then this could be best option.

The glue bait mouse traps are ready-made, easy to use traps.  You just need to apply some glue (already included) in the right position.  This method is kind of messy since working with glue is sticky and might get stuck on your clothes and floor.

The electronic mouse traps are considered the most effective from the five.  One type of electronic device only needs charging for a short amount of time before reusing it.  This type of device is a rectangular shaped container with ladders.  Another famous electronic mouse trap is the Ultrasonic Electronic Mouse Control.  From the name, we can tell right away that this type of device is using a frequency sound wave that helps intimidate mice.  Hence, they can all be placed anywhere in the house, especially in a large open room or on any surfaces.

Best Homemade Mouse Trap

A fifth-best mouse trap for home is homemade mouse traps.  All tools for this type of mouse trap you can find at home.  Anything from using old boxes, plastic bottles, buckets and many more can be used for homemade mouse trap.  Hence, let’s find out the best homemade mouse trap there is.

A simple DIY homemade mouse trap is the glue bait trap.  All you need is a sticky glue, a tube, and some sort of surface.

A bucket mouse trap is another homemade trap.  You will need a deep bucket and a rolled carton (toilet paper roll), plus the bait inside the carton.  When the bait is taken, imagine the mouse will fall down into the bucket.

The third is a bottled mouse trap with cut-neck off.  Using plastic bottles (big enough for a mouse to enter), cut half the neck area.

So, Which One is Most Effective?

What to look for to get the most effective mouse trap for home use.  As mentioned above, the electronic mouse trap is an effective one.  It can be used repeatedly and less effort in the making.  Another good mousetrap is the metal pedal one.  It’s like snapping on the mouse, even their tail will hold still on the device.

The glue bait mouse trap is also another possibility.  A mouse will stick on the trap and too sticky to move.  It is effective and not too pricey.

Again, whichever mouse trap you prefer will help get rid of mice.  You just need to find their hiding place which is tricky.  When you know their traces, you can go ahead and place the traps there.

Best Mouse Traps for Kitchen

Moving on, the best mouse traps for the kitchen is the metal pedal mouse trap or the snap traps.  The kitchen is a good hiding place for mice.  All sorts of food smells and holes attract mice.

Also, the ultrasonic electronic mouse trap is good to put in your kitchen.  You can place all three types of mouse traps alternatively one day to another, depending on the space where mice are passing.  Mice can get through tiny holes, so make sure whichever device will work for that kind of space.

Final Words

In conclusion, there are numerous good mouse traps you can use at home.  From famous brands such as Viktor, Vensmile, Rat Zapper and many more.  You might want to review, which mouse traps will work for you and how to apply them in your own house.  You can do trials on the most effective mouse traps and try them alternately.  Also, it can be hard to catch a mouse when the bait does not work.  Try different baits like peanut butter, nuts, bread and so on.

Hence, it is required that you use more than 2 traps at the same time.  Or you can try alternating the traps you have.

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