How To Choose Moving And Storage Solution For Your Home Needs


Millions of movers in the US pack up their belongings and travel to their new homes every year. However, there are always some small issues that come up and usually causes problems. Therefore, it’s increasingly important to find a reputable moving and storage solution company such as Boston Movers Company, which is certified, has sharp estimators, and excellent customer feedback. Here are some things you need to handle before conveniently moving with a suitable moving company:

Get The Right Price Estimate

A moving company you can trust will carefully review your belongings and calculate their bulk weight before proceeding. They can evaluate on-site, and some can even do through a virtual survey by making you weigh your furniture yourself and answer a questionnaire about how much your furniture weighs. Make sure the representative in charge of the inspection doesn’t leave any stone unturned. They must take into account every item that needs to be moved, such as bookshelves, drawers, cupboards, and beds. This is important because the weight of your things will determine the price you need to pay for the moving company.

Furthermore, an estimator who weighs your furniture without writing down your plans and expectations is going to be a disappointment. An up-to-the-mark evaluator will go out of his way to ask what you wish to take from your current home, and what you’re going to leave behind (for charity, selling in a garage sale, or leaving for the future owners). It’s also essential to prepare yourself for this kind of question. It’s also best to make a checklist of what you need to do before the estimator arrives so you don’t have to think on the spot.


Don’t Pay A Large Deposit

A trustworthy mover will never ask you for the deposit in advance. The only right way is payment on delivery. Any payment made before moving will strip your control of your own belongings. Also, when the time to pay comes, use a mode of payment that can protect yourself from financial fraud.

Avoid Moving Companies With Multiple Names

Good moving companies are registered with the Better Business Bureau. However, some companies try to skirt this association by registering under several misleading names. Make sure the company you’re in business with has a local address, and information related to insurance and certification. When you call them, the support assistant should disclose the full name of the company. If you suspect that they’re a fraud, do some research, and check the company’s federal license numbers to confirm whether the company does business under some other names. You can also check online reviews as a shortcut. If nothing else reassures you, get in touch with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to find out more about the company’s reputation.

Check Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

If you get recommendations from your friends or family, great! However, if someone close to you hasn’t dealt with your chosen moving company, the American Moving and Storage Association will provide you a list of reliable movers to nudge you in the right direction. Ask them to give you the names of at least three customers who’ve used the services of a moving and storage company in the past two months. You can try to contact them and ask them to share their experiences.  Be sure to check out great options like movers in greensboro and others. 

Avoid Packing Costs

Consider the possibility of packing your belongings. You’ll protect yourself from inflated packing costs factored into the final pricing equation this way. However, taking this route will mean that you will have to take responsibility for the damage to your things. Your moving company won’t be accountable in this case. If you don’t want to shoulder this responsibility, make sure you verify the packer’s experience. Most packers will do a good job, but there’s always someone careless to the point of poorly sealing your belongings and hurling them to the back of the truck like a rock.  

Beware of Extra Fees

Do you live in a two-story house, or are you moving into one? Moving to or from a 10th-floor apartment? You’ll be likely charged extra for making the movers go upstairs and elevators. If the movers have to go through a narrow street that won’t fit their moving van; expect that there will be extra fees for the transferring your belongings to a smaller vehicle for delivery. Lastly, make sure to clarify any additional fees that may apply depending on your situation.

Don’t Accept The Binding Contract

A moving company contract will help both you and the company to enforce the agreed terms regarding what needs to be moved and the penalties that might be inflicted upon when there are damages with your things. Moving companies offer three different kinds of contracts:

  • A non-binding estimate stops the company from asking more than 10% of the original price quote, with any overages due within the first month of delivery.
  • A non-binding to exceed estimate means you don’t have to pay for overages in the original price quote. This is the maximum amount you’ll have to manage for the service.
  • A binding estimate contract provides a fixed price for moving and any additional facilities. In the scenario you decide to utilize other services, you’re liable to pay fees within a month of the delivery date. 

A binding estimate is restrictive and doesn’t leave you much room for adjustments. It’s always better to go with the other two options, depending upon your preferences.

The Verdict

Choosing a moving and storage solution requires extensive research. You have to verify the estimator’s quote, look for red flags, such as dubious company names, and lazy review of your belongings. You also have to make sure you get references from family and friends, or reputable associations to verify whether the moving company’s good or not.


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