How to Choose Entryway Closet Design and Mudroom Space Designs


One of the foundations of a good and quality life is a good organization. People function much better when well-scheduled, in a tidy space than in a mess. That’s why organizing should start right where you spend most of your time – in your home.

When you adhere to certain principles of keeping your home tidy, you need storage space. It’s always lacking in every house, so people come up with different ways to make their living space more functional and better organized.

We assume you’ve never thought of entryway closets, thus underestimating the potential of this corner. But the entryway is not just a place with the only purpose of looking good and welcoming. As seen on, it can be excellent storage for items you and your family need every day in a busy house.

Size the Space

One of the first steps when planning your entryway closet is to choose its design. It must be functional and have enough space to accommodate all of your belongings. But it must also be eye-pleasing and fitted into your home interior. The design must suit your needs but also your taste and budget.

Start by checking out the corner where you’ll install your closet. You can come up with a variety of ideas for a larger hallway. But you’ll have a limited choice if your entryway is narrow. In that case, you have to be creative with more unusual closet designs to make use of every inch.



The size of the space is a deciding factor in creating entryway storage. For example, the number and arrangement of partitions will depend on the space dimensions. Also, it will dictate whether the closet will have a door or not, whether there is space for a seat, etc.

The entryway closet should have shelves and hooks as essentials. If you have enough room, think about having compartments for every family member. You should also install a wall hook rack on the wall to accommodate a variety of coats for guests. Here are some tips on choosing coat rack for this purpose. You can also check out closet cabinets designers near me for more great options.

The closet door should be at least a foot from the entry, so you can open them freely if you opt for models with doors. But in a small space, the key to storage is vertical space. So try to focus on just a few elements and add more functionality. For example, using built-in shelves is an excellent option for small hallways. Also, you should opt for a cubby for your entryway instead of a doorless closet.

Think about the Purpose

The closet should be large enough to contain the in-season clothes. If it’s tiny, you need at least a place to put hangers for coats, scarfs, or keys. You should store off-season outfits in bins elsewhere in the house. An entryway closet should be meant for everyday items only.

An entryway is a great place to have seating. You don’t want to run through the house while trying to take off your boots (that’s how mudroom got its name). A bench is an excellent solution, as you can combine it with multiple compartments. For example, you can install seating with a couple of cubbies beneath. It can also be a convenient place o put your shoes.



You can make the entrance to your home more inviting by choosing a proper closet design. For example, light colors have a receding quality, so they are great for a small entryway. Or, if your interior abounds in bright colors, a few shades of bolder nuances can be an excellent way to accent your interior.

Another popular scheme for a front-door entry is symmetry. It creates balance and calm and helps to improve the space of a busy or small room. Vibrant colors will liven up the area and make it bigger. Also, adding a mirrored door will make your entryway look more spacious.

Closets near the house entry are great for keeping essential items like coats, shoes, umbrellas, and other weather gear. Even in a narrow entryway, you can still arrange a storage area. It may be small, but you can still make it functional with a streamlined design.

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