How To Choose And Place An Aquarium Properly


We learn to choose an aquarium, we buy the right plants, fish. And, most importantly, we find an aquarium a place in the interior.

Types of tanks

The main criteria for the classification of aquariums are the configuration and method of placement in the room. According to them, the following types of containers are distinguished:

  • stand-alone tanks;
  • corner tanks;
  • built-in ones;
  • hanging tanks.

The most common and easiest to install are free-standing models of standard round or rectangular shape, which can be placed on a specially dedicated cabinet, in a furniture niche or even on the floor.

Corner trapezoidal containers solve the problem of empty corners, allowing rational use of space. Their main advantages are their compactness and excellent visibility. Small corner tanks are placed on a stand, while the volume 300-700-liter models require a powerful base.

Built-in aquariums are often made as part of an inter-zonal partition – this solution allows you to admire underwater landscapes from two or three sides at once. Another option is integration into furniture (in particular, under the countertop of the bar).

Pendant aquariums also look unusual – for example, pictures framed in the aquarium frame. Such tanks are as if specially designed for small rooms.

What capacity?

There is a distinction between mini (up to 40 liters), midi (up to 100 liters) and maxi (up to 500 liters) modifications. It is also worth considering the weight of the construction. For example, a 50-liter aquarium with water and equipment will weigh about 80 kg, and 300-liter will pull by half a ton. This is especially important if you live in an old house: not all the floors will withstand a high point load.

Oddly enough, midi aquariums (up to 100 liters) are easier to care for than mini ones. In a small capacity, the system is less stable and requires constant human involvement, monitoring of indicators.


The easiest option is a rectangular home aquarium. It is preferred by specialists: it is easy to care for and shows the perspective of your underwater world well. If you wish, you can get a panoramic aquarium with a front glass curved forward, corner or multi-faceted model. The most controversial variant is the round aquarium, where the biological balance is most difficult to establish.

The ratio of the sides.

You can choose an aquarium with any ratio of height, width and depth according to the needs of the room. But experts advise to remember that a home aquarium above 80 cm is difficult to light to the bottom. In addition, you will feel uncomfortable transplanting plants, installing decor and cleaning such a container. All questions about the built-in aquarium (wiring, water supply and drainage, the definition of places and sizes of openings for service, etc.) should be resolved at the design stage of the apartment together with the architect and the Aquarium Maintenance Service in Boca Raton.

Flora and fauna

The easiest solution for a beginner is a fantasy landscape of unpretentious plants and several peaceful fish. Such greenery as anubias, cornucopia, cryptochromes will suit perfectly. It is better to give preference to tetras, guppies, partings or swordfish among the fish.

Species aquarium. This option for “advanced” – animals of the same kind, species or family live on the background of plants with similar needs. Under these conditions, you can even engage in breeding your favorite fish. Most often in species aquariums live goldfish, cichlids or shrimp.

However, underwater flora often requires more experience and care than fauna. Marine aquariums with corals and reef systems, which can not exist in freshwater, require high-tech filtration system and special care.

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