How to Choose a Dining Table for a Big Family

A dining table is one of the most significant pieces of home furniture. It can hold a lot of memories from celebrating special occasions. It is where you gather your family and friends to share a meal.

 Should I Upgrade My Dining Table

 There are several reasons to upgrade your dining table. Other homeowners decide to do so when their current dining table has been too old, badly worn, cannot accommodate their growing family, and no longer matches their new interior design. Whatever the reason is, we’ll give you some tips that will assist in selecting a new dining table for you and any assisted living dining chairs that are needed.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Dining Table

There are quite a few things to consider in choosing the right dining table for your home.

  • Space and Lifestyle. Make sure that the table will fit in your kitchen space. Considering your lifestyle is also necessary to determine the table that you need. If you will use the table often, look for a table made from durable material and easy to clean. On the other hand, if you will only use it for special occasions, choose something that looks impressive and luxurious.  You can also consider looking for options like a custom dining table Sydney.  

An extension table is also an option for a big family who loves to entertain visitors. You can find extendable dining tables at Anne Quinn Furniture or other trusted online shops.

  • Size and Shape. The size and shape of a dining table affect its usability. Consider the number of people who will be using it daily. Add extra space to have enough room for guests. The rectangular shape is the most common. However, many homeowners prefer round and oval to accommodate more people.
  • Table support and durability. A dining table should be sturdy and tested for its durability. The table should handle all the weight you place on it. You can go for tables made of wood, metal or marble.

Another thing to consider is the base or table supports. Check if you have enough space for your knees and if your legs will not hit the table’s legs. It must also be able to support the table and keep it intact.

  • Styles and Chairs. Your dining table must complement the overall décor of your home. A glass dining table with metallic accents will best suit a sleek and modern design. On the other hand, a wooden table with carved detailing is traditional.

A perfect dining set is incomplete without a matching chair. The most common seating style is an armless chair. It offers a wide range of options and takes up less space. The chair must also give you enough room under the table to move and cross your legs.

What are the Best Materials for Dining Tables?

There are various options – wood, glass, marble, metal, laminate, quartz, and synthetic – all of which are good for tabletops.

  • Wood tabletops. The most popular and commonly used tabletop because of its sturdiness. You can refurnish wood table tops to maintain a fresh look throughout the years.
  • Glass tabletops. It is known for its elegance and airy feel. It provides a more open and airy look to the dining hall. Metal, graphite, and wood are the most common frame options. You can also go for smoked or stained glass based on your preference.
  • Marble tabletops. It adds luxury to the surroundings. It is scratch-resistant and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Metal dining tabletops. It requires no maintenance, sturdy, and cool to touch. This type of tabletop goes perfectly with contemporary space and industrial ambiance.
  • Laminated tabletops. This tabletop made using layers of materials like PVC, high-impact melamine, and wood grain finish. Sturdy and easy to clean. It is suited for a commercial environment.
  • Quartz. This look of natural stone gives a variety of colors and patterns. It is easy to maintain and is best for a family who loves to entertain guests. However, it is also prone to chipping and discoloration if exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Synthetic. Materials used in this type of tabletop are versatile and can mold into any form necessary. It is lightweight and cheap.

To sum up, you need to consider four factors in choosing a dining table for your home. Whichever your choice, you have to make sure that it meets your expectations.