How to Care For and Maintain Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is one of the more durable and weather resistant options out there – and is known for its relatively long lifespan. However if you want to make sure that your rubber roofing remains in good condition, it is important that you take care and maintain it regularly.

The good news is that the maintenance rubber roofs require is not that complicated, and all you need to do is:

Inspect your roof regularly

Try to make it a point to inspect your roof carefully from time to time to check on the condition of the rubber panels. During your inspection, look out for any build-up of debris, cracks, holes, or other wear and tear – especially around the edges.

By inspecting your roof regularly, you’ll be able to identify issues early and fix them before they grow into much larger problems. It is recommended to inspect your roof 3 to 4 times a year.

Clear debris and clean your roof

After you’re done with your inspection, clear any debris that is present and clean the roof to get rid of other dirt and grime. In general you could start by sweeping your roof and hosing it down, then brushing or mopping it if necessary.

Be careful not to use harsh chemical cleaners or high-pressure jet streams when cleaning as that could do more harm than good.

Fix loose edges, leaks, cracks, and other marks

If you notice any damage to your rubber roofing you should fix it immediately. That may sound tough, but all you really need to do to fix EPDM rubber roofing do is use sealant or latex tape to cover the affected area.

Assuming any sections of the roof have too many cracks you can consider patching it with a repair kit or a new rubber roofing panel.

Keep an eye on nearby trees

Nearby trees are a potential source of damage to your rubber roof. The more trees that are around the more debris will accumulate in the form of twigs, leaves, dirt and moss.

If there are any nearby trees, you may want to consider trimming them – especially the branches that are closest to your roof.

Clean your gutters

When you’re cleaning your roof you should also clear out your gutters. Clogged gutters can easily overflow and damage your roof, especially around the perimeter.

For flat rubber roofs it is all the more important to keep your gutters clean as any overflow could end up accumulating on the roof and causing more damage.

Following these steps will require extra work on your part, but in the long term it is definitely worthwhile. Maintaining your rubber roofing will allow you to save both time and money by ensuring that it remains healthy and lasts as long as it can.

If you ever notice any signs of major problems and aren’t sure how to fix them, be sure to call in a professional. It is better to invest a little in fixing your roof than having to replace it and potentially deal with the damage caused by leaks and other issues.