How to Avoid Scratches in a White Porcelain Sink


When shiny porcelain gets scratched then naturally it becomes much dirtier. No matter how often you clean it, the scratch doesn’t make it look dirty.

The porcelain sink has a porcelain enamel coating that is nothing more than a metal sink base mixed with a kind of glass. The scratches on the glass surface make the gloss dull, even if you can’t feel the scratches with the tip of your finger.

Scratches also collect small dirt particles and again make it almost impossible to achieve a primitive white sink. Scratches should be avoided by properly cleaning and caring for the porcelain surface. Now the question is how to avoid scratches in a white porcelain sink. Let us know how you can avoid scratch in a shiny sink.

Steps to Follows to Protect a Sink

  • Use a soft cleaning sponge to wipe the interior of your porcelain sink. You can also use Kitchen Sink Protector if you want. This will help prevent scratches on your sink.
  • Clean the sink with a non-abrasive cleaner like a mild detergent solution. If you must use an abrasive cleaner, choose a mild one like baking soda or tartar cream to avoid scratches.
  • Rinse the sink with clean water after each use as dirt particles on the surface of the sink can cause scratches.
  • Avoid pouring acidic liquid on the surface of the porcelain. Vinegar and acidic foods can weaken enamel if left in porcelain. Wash these items immediately under the drain.
  • Place a rubber dish mat under a porcelain kitchen sink. The mat protects the sink from scratches caused by pots and pans.

Is a Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser Useful to Use?

You can also use Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser to prevent scratches on the sink. However, in this case, you have to choose the best quality dispenser. Let us know how you can choose the same good dispenser.

  1. Determine the size of the soap dispenser you need
  2. Determine how many refills you need at a time
  3. Decide if you want to use liquid soap vs. bar soap
  4. Determine if you want a soap dispenser that delivers one drop or more at a time

Automatic soap dispensers are great for keeping your hands clean as well as keeping your hands away from germs. The automatic soap dispenser soap distribution does not require any human intervention, making it an ideal addition to the kitchen.

Which is the Best Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser?

If you do a little research in the market, you will find innumerable kitchen sink dispensers. However, there is no possibility that everything will be the same. However, we are going to present to you 2 kitchen soap dispensers that are able to meet your needs based on several reviews. Let’s find out.

Simple Human Rechargeable Soap Dispenser

This touch-free auto soap dispenser for kitchen use is a high-end model that turns your dispenser usage and refilling experience into the air. It has a variable dispenser, which means it will give you a little soap when you place your hand close to the unit, and it will spill even more if you place your hand a little farther away.

This unit comes with a funnel-shaped opening that clears the refilling process without any droplets. Flexible silicone valve snaps create an airtight seal so you won’t feel drips when using the product.

A big advantage of this automatic soap dispenser is that it is a rechargeable unit, which means you don’t have to spend money on new batteries again and again. A charge lasts about three months. Simple Human also makes a line of soaps that work well in this dispenser and come in minimal packaging if you don’t want to continue using your own brand of dishwashing soap.

Kimi Cuisine Built In Sink Soap Dispenser

If you are looking for a built-in sync soap dispenser, the Kimi Cuisine model is universally suited for a contemporary and stylish look. They come in 7 metallic colors so you can choose the one that works best with your kitchen decor.

The length of the threaded tube is 3.25 ‘so it should fit with the thickest part of the countertop. The hole you put this unit it should be about 1.25 “to 1.5”.

How to Install an In-Sync Kitchen Soap Dispenser

To install your new kitchen soap dispenser, follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Look for a wall or cabinet with a 4 ″ x 4 ″ opening.
  2. Trace the bottom outline of the soap dispenser and drill a hole of this size above the opening.
  3. Fill the soap dispenser with soap.
  4. Insert the pump until it is flush with the base.
  5. Cover the pump and attach the pump to the base.
  6. Once the dispenser is installed, load the soap into the dispenser.
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