How to Avoid Locksmith Scams


Locksmith scam is basically a team scam where the main target is those people who call a locksmith for being unlocked from their car or home. In recent age, there is a vast number of locksmith scams in the world.

Research says that locksmith scams increased by 25% in the past three years. The reason is straightforward to understand. The trend of the people is to search for a locksmith near me on google when they are stuck or locked inside the car or home.

After that, they get some websites created by the scammers, and the scammers utilize these chances. Actually, people don’t know how to deal with them in critical situations.

That is why here in this article, we will give you some precautions and the best ways how to avoid locksmith scams.

Know how to avoid locksmith scams

Are you are searching for a locksmith, or some of your relatives have faced a scam? Keep in mind the following things to avoid locksmith scams when you hire someone.

Search for a genuine local locksmith

The best way to get a genuine locksmith is hiring someone after talking to them, ask some detailed questions, and review their answers. If it seems like everything is okay, then you can hire them.

You can ask for their address. After getting the address, you can search it on google. If you find the existence of their shop in their given address, then you can be sure that they are genuine.

If you are in a hurry, notice the way they are talking. Your call will be routed to a genuine locksmith rather than to a call center. After answering the call, the actual locksmith will use some phrases like locksmith service with their business name rather than a specific name.

If you don’t notice some words like these, search for the new one. Genuine locksmith companies use three digits or four digits number instead of a local number. This is another notable thing you can notice and be careful.

Avoid hiring a locksmith from a random website

Nowadays, locksmith scammers create websites, search engine advertisements, citations, business directory listing to seem like the professional and legitimate locksmiths. That means you will get a lot of websites and advertisements of the scammers when you will search in the critical time or when you need emergency assistance.

Please don’t believe in the search result for cheap locksmiths near me or locksmith near me for car, etc. of google. They are paid to do that. One thing keeps in your mind that scammers are always waiting to trap you. So, do research deeply first, call them. If you don’t find anything weird, hire them.

Check the identity of the locksmith

After their arrival, you need to check their identity. Ask for an identity card, locksmith license, and many other related documents. Check the documents properly. Sometimes, the scammers introduce themselves with related legitimate locksmith businesses by giving a similar name and address.

So, you have to be careful about it. Every province has its laws. In some provinces, require locksmith licensing, and others don’t. They have their licensing laws. So, be aware of these types of things.

Ask the locksmith how much they cost

When you ask their cost, if the locksmiths are professional and genuine, they will give you an estimated value, not a fixed amount. Generally, the cost of the locksmith is near about 15 to 40 Euros. But if you hire any scammer, they will ask for excessive charges from you. If you notice these types of issues, avoid them.

Then another thing is if some scammers trap you, they will ask for a cash payment instead of a credit card.

Don’t let the locksmiths drill your lock

If you are locked out, the scammers will insist you to drill the lock and replace the lock with a new one. Never let them do that. Genuine and skilled locksmiths use their skills the unlock your doors.

They will try in all ways without breaking the lock. This is a very suspicious issue. If you experience something like this, hire another locksmith or call for assistance. You can also call slotenmaker Lier. They have been working in this field for a long time.

Some questions to ask a locksmith

You need to ask many questions when you are hiring a locksmith. Here we are giving you some important questions you can ask them:

  • What is the name of the locksmith company? Who will come to unlock?
  • Where are you located?
  • How will you enter the house?
  • Do you need to drill to unlock?
  • Can you give me an estimated cost?
  • Do you prefer cash?
  • Do you want to see a photo of the lock for that we are looking for a locksmith?

If you are satisfied with their answer, then you can hire them. But make sure that you maintained all of our given rules.


There is a very popular saying that “Prevention is better than Cure.” Here, in this case, we can say that you need to take some precautions before being trapped by the scammers. That is why in this article, we have conducted a detailed discussion about how to avoid locksmith scams.

We hope that this article will be very beneficial to you. Here we have provided you all the possible ways scammers can use to trap you. So be careful about their ways and maintain all of our given techniques when you will hire a locksmith.

If you have any further questions or problems, leave it by a comment below.

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