How To Avoid Hiring An Unlicensed And Poorly Rated Garage Door Contractor


If you have any issues with your garage door and are looking to hire a repair service, you need to ensure that the one you are going for is highly rated with a great track record and industry experience. These days it’s easy to mistake unlicensed and poorly rated garage door contractors for the good ones. So one has to be very careful when choosing the garage door contractor to hire. 

Here are some ways to avoid hiring an unlicensed and poorly rated door contractor:   

Check Their Track Record

Before hiring a garage door contractor, there’s nothing wrong with doing a background check on them. You should try to gather any information you can concerning them. This should include the year they started their business, who owns the company, the qualifications of their employees, manufacturers they are in partnership with, etc.  

Check Online Review Sites

Online review websites are a perfect place to learn about a business and how they treat their customers. You will mostly find comments from people who have patronized the contractor in the past on these websites. When reading these comments, you shouldn’t only focus on the positive or the negative ones alone. This is because no business is perfect, so you are expected to find some negative comments. The most important thing to consider is if the positive review is more than the negative one and vice versa. Ideally, you should only work with a contractor with more positive reviews than negative ones. 

Check Their Work Portfolio

A reputable garage door contractor is expected to have a portfolio. This portfolio should include testimonies of satisfied clients and pictures of completed work. All good garage door contractors should have proper documentation for everything they do, except they’re just starting the business. And if that is the case, you should be extra careful.  

Check Their Terms Of Services 

Going over the terms of services of a garage door maintenance contractor before hiring them is important. The terms of the service is a legally binding document. As such, it is important that you know what you are signing up for before agreeing to it. In case the contractor messes up and fails to fulfill their part of the agreement, instead of having to report that this garage door contractor says this or that, all you have to do is to show the terms of service document. 

Check Their Insurance and License Details 

One of the most crucial factors to consider when hiring any garage door contractor is their license and other verification documents. You need to know if the garage door contractor you are hiring is qualified enough to handle the job at hand. Once you are presented with license information, you should make sure to verify it. This is because it is possible for them to provide you with a fake document. 

Another key factor to consider is their insurance coverage. This is because a contractor can get injured while working on your project. If they are not well insured, you might be forced to pay for their treatment, among other things. So before finally deciding to sign a garage door contractor. 

Check Their Level Of Accessibility

You should be able to reach any garage door contractor you want to hire easily through phone calls or emails. You shouldn’t hire someone hard to reach. Not being able to reach a contractor while the repair work is ongoing or pending will only result in headaches. A good contractor should acknowledge your inquiry quickly and let you know how soon they will assist you, even if they are busy with another client when you called or when your message came in. 

Check Their  Social Media Feeds

Legitimate garage door repair companies are expected to have active social media accounts, which they used in communication with their customers. By going through their social media feed, you can get an idea about their entire service. Via the social media platform, you could also find out if they are running promotional offers. If they are, you can easily capitalize on that and get their services at a low price. 

Aside from active social media pages, a licensed garage door contractor should have a formal website. This should also contain every information one wishes to know about the contractor and reviews from past clients.  

Following these tips should help you select the best garage door contractor around you. 

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