How to Affordably Search for an Apartment


The struggle to find an apartment that fits your needs is real. For this reason, most people feel exhausted after spending weeks looking for affordable apartments. Your apartment hunting experience should be as trouble-free as possible. Here are some tips that will help you to find an affordable place to live:

Know Your Stuff

Does the property have extra fees for parking and pets? Depending on your location, these fees will vary greatly. Garage parking is the most expensive, so you should avoid complexes with garages. You should also ask whether the cost of utilities is shared or you have to pay your bill individually.

If you use water conservatively, you do not want to pay utilities for people who take hour-long showers. You should also check whether the property offers preferred employer or military discounts. You need to answer these questions ahead of time to save money.

Consider Middle Floor Units

Higher and lower floor units are the most expensive. People love top floors for their great views and bottom floors for their convenience. If you can settle for a mediocre view and take the stairs, you will end up saving money.

Negotiate Fixer-upper

You should think about committing to an apartment that needs repairs if you want a lower rate. If the apartment only needs a fresh coat of paint, you can paint it yourself and save money in the long term. However, if you come across an apartment that needs a major makeover, you could negotiate for a much lower rate.

Depending on your negotiating skills, you can start at a low rent and be impervious to hikes in the coming years.

Consider Newer Properties

When looking for apartments on online sites such as, you should consider newer complexes. You should not overlook new apartments because they seem expensive. In fact, new properties tend to offer tenants the first month rent-free. Depending on your budget, such perks can make the apartment affordable for you. Brick ranch homes are also good options since they are eco-friendly, weather-resistant, and require low maintenance.

Get Roommates

To afford a costly apartment, you might have to share it with others. It is easier to afford an apartment on a combined income than on a single income. With a roommate, you will be able to make significant savings and spend the money for something else.

Jump on Places You Like

Rent prices go up on a daily basis. If you find a suitable apartment at an affordable price, you should express your interest by telling the leasing agent how serious you are. You can even fill out the application immediately to reserve the apartment unit.

As soon as you find the right fit, you should take a leap. If you choose to wait for a better apartment, your dream unit will find a new owner.

Avoid Popular Moving Times

The number of available units increases during popular moving times and this drives the rate of rent up. Are there universities near the place you want to live? You also need to consider how often the weather changes.

Places close to colleges experience a surge in renters between semesters. You should also consider moving during rough weather because people avoid moving during such times. You will get a better deal on rent during off-seasons. For this reason, you should consider moving during the winter, because most people will not even consider moving in the winter.



Most people do not enjoy the process of apartment hunting but the above tips will help you to find an affordable apartment easily. You should also consider using a rental listing site if you want to find an apartment that will suit your needs.

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