How technology is helping you stay more secure during Covid-19?


Covid 19 has affected the whole world drastically and it has changed the norms of life to a greater extent. This virus sent the world into lockdown for many months and shut down all the phases of their public life to keep social distancing to combat the spread of the virus which has proved to be successful but staying home has transformed our ways of life.

Most of the activities that were done physically are now dependent on technology because it has turned out to be a need in these harsh times. The world turned from physical to virtual. Staying at home has reduced the risk of pandemic explosion and we cannot thank enough for technology for helping us in different ways like:

Work from home

Corona spreads through any physical interaction between human beings and may result in severe health conditions or even deaths so working in a closely connected atmosphere was not possible as it was a risk to health so technology made work from home easier. By using mobile phones or laptops, people have been working online from their homes. it has saved the employment of so many people and made business continuity possible in a complete lockdown.

Interact with people

Man is a social animal and could not live without interacting with people around him but in this pandemic, physical interactions have become a threat to life so social distancing has to be maintained to stay secured and to secure other people as well.

Pandemic separated the people but technology connected them. By keeping them interacted through social media and mobile phones, it has not only fulfilled the need for relationships but kept everyone secure from viruses.

Better monitoring and security

The use of CCTV cameras has made the security of houses simple. Pandemic has worsened people’s conditions financially that increased crimes like robberies or burglary so by use of technology you can protect yourself by purchasing security equipment from

Along with security, they could be used to monitor the social distancing in organizations and hospitals where doctors could supervise patients by keeping their distance and people could be monitored for breaking social distancing rules through cameras and face recognition.

Provide information about the virus

Technology has played a vital role in keeping the public aware of the situations in the world. The online platform is used to convey the information about the virus, its precautionary measures, treatment options, and government policies about every aspect of life so that they could be protected from any misguided information and only accurate information could be transmitted, verified by the World Health Organization.

Helped in diagnosis and treatment

Technology has played a vital role in diagnosing of this virus through the use of wireless temperature monitoring that is used everywhere to keep the infected people away from any interaction with other people so that the spread could be reduced and doctors have been providing online services to the people about precautions and treatments along with the delivery of medicines at home.

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