How Steam Showers Help Improve your Health


There isn’t a much better feeling than washing away the day with a nice hot shower at the end of the day.  With steam showers, this sensation becomes even more glorious. Along with the relaxation, there are health benefits you can get out of using a steam shower at the end of the day.

Respiratory Health

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to breathe freely when you get a cold.  The wheezing, sniffling, and sneezing can be demoralizing. Steam is known for relieving nasal congestion by loosening mucus and opening the nasal passage giving you immediate relief.  Take a nice long steam shower before bed, and you may sleep through the night instead of waking up to wipe your nose and clear your lungs.

Recovery From Vigorous Exercise

When you’ve had an intense workout, your muscles need to recover, and a steam shower can help them relax and allow healing.  When your muscles heal, they become stronger, and a steam treatment can help them heal quicker. Steam is also a great way for relief from workout pain.

Healthier Skin

Steam is known to help open up the pores in your skin, allowing impurities to escape, which can clear clogged pores.  Steaming alone won’t stop completely new acne breakouts from occurring, but it can help lessen the severity of existing sores.  Steaming also improves the circulation in your skin, helping it heal more quickly and to look more vibrant and healthy. After a steam shower, your regular skin products will be much more effective at penetrating the surface, which can also help make your skin softer.


The body produces toxins, and when you sweat, some say that you release them from your body.  In a steam shower, you sweat quite a bit, which may help in releasing toxins. If there are toxins in your sweat, they would be a tiny fraction that your liver and kidneys help eliminate from your body.

Cardiovascular Health

When in a steam shower, the heart rate will go up, and your lungs open up to allow more oxygen into your body.  While the heart rate increase is relatively minor, any increase, over time, will make your cardiovascular system stronger and healthier than it would have been otherwise.  There is no substitute for a legitimate workout plan.

Joint Health

One way joints become sore is when muscles that attach to them are stiff and pulling on them.  Reducing the tension in your muscles can help relieve that strain alleviating this kind of joint pain.  Steam is a known method of relaxing muscles. Relaxed muscles mean less strain on your joints.


Anything that can reduce stress is a huge health benefit to the body.  Steam showers are known to reduce the stress in the majority of people.  Stress can create a multitude of health issues, too many to list.

Ariel steam showers have a huge list of benefits to the people who use them regularly.  You’ll be a happier person because you’ll be a more relaxed and healthier person.

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