How Should You Design Secure Wooden Doors?


Wooden doors are synonymous with warmth and a major reason why many people attempt to give metal doors a wood like finish. They cite security as reason to not have real wooden doors. This is a misplaced assumption because wooden doors if included with proper security features, can prove to be the most secure ones. For those people who do not want their doors end up look like a rusted metal door, this is good news. So! What are you waiting for? Take dive into how you can make the wooden doors impenetrable.

 Framed with steel:

This may not be a surprise because steel is the strongest metal used in general for security doors. Customizing wooden doors for security becomes much easier by encasing them in a steel frame. Here, not all the parts are made of steel but the only ones that ensure security are made of steel.

 Wood coverings:

In this method wood panels are attached to either side of the steel or aluminum frame, which forms the core of the door. Different shades of wood can be woven together to give the door a worn out look or blend with the existing décor of the home. For a decorative look, a segment of tinted glass with the color of choice can be inserted. Though not a fool proof option to ensure security, it does have its own benefits.

 Hidden Security:

For people who are vary of having a visible security system, bespoke wooden doors with hidden security features are the solution. Compartments for jewelry, passport or other valuables are custom carved into the doors to keep the intruders from having access. This is achieved by intentionally designing the wooden security doors to just look like any other door in the house.

Wooden Pivot doors:

Pivot doors are the ones that are hinged along their length instead of at one side. They have a very important functional value when it comes to security. Pivots can support bigger and heavy doors which make for perfect choice for wooden doors. Adding aesthetic elements will no longer be a constraint unlike for hinged doors, which are downsized for the same purpose.

Automated Security:

Smart security is not a limitation with security doors either. Facial recognition system, smart door locks, or finger print recognition system, wooden doors are absolutely suitable for them giving you another reason to install wooden doors without any hesitation.


While wooden doors are customizable for one’s security needs, one should keep in mind the factors while going for wooden security doors. Climate, harsh weather conditions can make the door whether the wooden doors in no time. However, certain factors like having a portico, that can protect the wooden door can be an advantage. Also, consider the direction the door is facing and the local wind directions before choosing wood as the signature material for expressing your taste for beauty.

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