How Often Should You Tune-Up Your Garage Door?


The garage door is one of the most essential but overlooked parts of any household. It opens and closes at least a thousand times per year, virtually every day. It’s bound to take a beating from all that wear and tear, right? And if you’re not paying attention, you and your wallet could suffer terrible consequences.

Especially when you’re a little in the dark about the upkeep. Can’t have that now, can we?

So, let’s take a look at how often should you tune up your garage door and why. And you can also get the best garage door rollers adelaide here.

Let’s go!

How often should you tune up your garage door: Let’s Find Out

Our main goal is to keep the things we use on a daily basis in good working order while also keeping ourselves out of harm’s way. And that’s why tune-up and maintenance for garage doors are so important.

The garage doors operate almost every day of the year and the deterioration that happens to all of its parts isn’t always obvious. Sometimes you won’t even know the door is faulty until one day it gets stuck halfway up and you can’t get your car out for an important appointment.

To avoid these unfortunate events, you should get a tune-up every six months or when the weather changes from hot to cold and vice versa. If the door is relatively new, you can even get just one tune-up annually but it’s best to be on the safer side, right?

If you notice even the slightest problem, do not wait around and immediately contact the professionals. Please, do not try to fix things on your own or you might end up hurting yourself which would be unfortunate because then you’ll have to pay the maintenance bill and the medical bills as well.

What Should a Garage Door Tune-Up Include?

When you contact a garage door technician for a tune-up and set an appointment they come over and scrutinize all the details about your door. They’ll go through a series of troubleshooting methods to look for any potential problems.

The technician will check to see if the door opens and closes correctly, does a thorough inspection of critical components like rollers, springs, and cables, tighten loose nuts and bolts, and lubricates moving parts to ensure smooth operation.

Why Do You Need Garage Door Tune-Up?

Just like that car you keep inside the garage and the sixty other things you’ve stored there, garage doors need proper maintenance to function properly, too. They go up and down at least twice a day. With every use, we work all of its components like hinges, cables, openers, and screws, etc and that takes a toll on the poor things.

Not to mention the rough weather they endure to keep your ride safe and shiny. And with time the once mighty doors become rusty, fragile, start to malfunction, leading to huge repair issues and sometimes really bad bodily injuries.

But regular tune-ups can save you from all of this. It increases the longevity of your doors. Goes easy on your wallet.

Loose door hinges? Strange noises? Frayed cables? Faulty wiring? Does the door keep stopping halfway? All of these could easily be fixed with routine maintenance. The longer you leave these problems unchecked, the bigger the mess and the repair bill becomes. Remember, just some little preventive maintenance steps can go a long way in saving your door and wallet.

And not to mention, an unstable garage door is a safety hazard. It could fall on anyone at any time and cause them grave injury or even death.

So, if you want to keep yourself, your family, pets, and, neighbors safe, if you want to avoid costly garage door repair and replacements, routine tune-ups are the answer. Seriously, an unhinged door is just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Get a tune-up today!

Now you know all about how often should you tune up your garage door. So, if you haven’t gotten one yet, hurry up and make an effort to ensure its optimum performance.

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