How Much Does It Take To Replace A Range Hood?


Range hood is a much-needed kitchen appliance for your kitchen. While using the kitchen stove, whether you’re frying something or boiling something you definitely need a range hood to take out all the smoke. Apart from smoke, range hoods also help us get rid of dust, grease, odors, and other chemicals that are present in the air surrounding us.

As range hood does so much for us it does need frequent care and repair. Neglect it too much and you’ll need to replace it. So, you’ll need to know how much does it take to replace a range hood in case such misfortune occurs.

So, let’s go and find out about range hood replacement and installations done below…

How much does it take to replace a range hood?

1. Estimate cost of installing a range hood

As I was saying before, without proper care you will most definitely need to replace the old one with a new range hood. And, getting a new one will surely cost you some money, which you’ll need to spend wisely.

The price will also vary because of your location, quality, and work process. These are three estimates that I summed up after looking at the current market price of getting a 42″ range hood.

  • Typical cost – $750
  • Maximum cost – $1,500
  • Minimum cost – $400

These include the cost of parts, labor cost, etc. I must tell you, the labor cost of installing the hood is more than buying the actual product. As professionals charge hourly money for it. But I’m giving you a solution-, they provide amazing service and will complete most of the domestic services in 24 hours.

2. Cost of replacing a range hood

This estimation will get a few changes on what type of range hood you’re installing. Whether it’s in your cozy kitchen or your sunny patio. Here are a few different types of range hoods and the cost of their installation. The time it requires to install each of it changes the whole cost map. So, why wait, let’s go check it out:

Ductless Range Hood Installation Cost

Ductless hoods do not tie to any duct or vent system. Instead, they sweep away steam and fumes from the cooker with a current of fans that also work for filtering out the air.

They’re the cheapest option out of all. It takes about $100-$300 to install a ductless range hood.

Ducted Range Hood Installation Cost

Ducted range hoods are connected to the vents in your walls or ceiling that take cooking fumes, greasy smells, and bad odors out of your home.

Installing new ducts will incur quite a bit, based on the cost of labor to install them. If ductwork is required, expect roughly $500 in labor costs alone. The total can go up to $1000.

Island Range Hood Installation Cost

Installation of an island range hood is often complicated due to its position in the ceiling. Since these sorts of range hoods are directly connected to the roof, not to half-inch wall mounts or otherwise fixed installations with ductwork embedded within them.

If you need a new hood with ductwork, it is going to cost an average of $900.  However, if there’s existing ductwork and you just want your old one replaced by a newer version, this will be around $300.

Convertible Range Hood Installation Cost

A convertible range hood has the best features of both ducted and ductless designs. It can be converted between these two modes, offering superior ventilation for a better kitchen experience.

Depending on the features, it can cost from $200-$1000.


Knowing how much does it take to replace a hood is just the start. You’re done with the calculations, now for your best result find a builder or contractor with experience installing appliances and range hoods.

You’ll also need an electrician’s help installing wiring connections in some projects too.

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