How Much Does it Cost to Insulate a House?


When it comes to insulating a house, there are many important considerations to be made. After all, this essential part of the process comes with a fair amount of factors that can affect the cost and quality of the job. For a full list of these factors and the prices behind insulating a house, continue reading down below.

Cost Factors to Consider When Insulating a House

Insulation Material

Perhaps the most obvious and noticeable factor involved with insulation is the material itself. There are essentially three different types of insulation, which we will look at in a bit more detail now.

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is made of fibreglass sheets, which are well known for their insulation capabilities. These sheets are fitted to the area where insulation is required, and it is important to ensure minimal gaps during installation, lest there is a loss of efficiency. Fibreglass batt insulation is the most cost-effective insulation option available, and the prices can be even more favourable if you choose to do the insulation installation yourself.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation, which is used by companies like High Performance Spray Systems, is lightweight, easy-to-use and effective at insulating even very tight areas. This material requires specialized spray equipment that allows the base components of the insulation to mix in the line, curing and solidifying upon exposure to the air. The process involved makes the application fast, and the prices are often midrange compared to the other two insulation options available.

Blown-in Insulation

Another great option for insulation materials is blown-in insulation. This material is made from shredded cellulose, which is typically reclaimed paper and cardboard. The material is lightweight, and, moved by air, it is piled into insulation areas to create a temperature barrier that is very effective. The material is common in the US and can be more expensive than the other two insulation types when applied professionally.

Additionally, some people will find reflective barriers or radiant shields effective. These options differ from traditional insulation, which absorbs heat by reflecting the heat itself away from the house. These barriers are typically made from reflective materials, like lightweight metals, plastic or cardboard.

Total Area of Insulation

Another factor that will affect the cost of insulation is the area to be insulated. The reasoning is fairly straightforward here; the more you need to insulate, the higher the estimated cost. Still, it is important to always complete your insulation work rather than trying to cut corners on material or amount. This will ensure a long-lasting and effective application.

Company Performing the Work

The insulation company performing your spray foam insulation will also affect the cost. Even if another material is used, company rates can vary considerably from one company to another, so it is important to perform your due diligence before choosing a company to complete the work. A good method for consistent results is to call several companies and receive quotes from each of them so that you have a range of expected prices to narrow down your options. Remember that choosing the least or most expensive option is rarely advised.

The Cost of Insulating a House

When it comes to spray foam insulation, you can expect the cost to be in the neighbourhood of $0.44 – $1.10 per square foot. For blown-in insulation, the cost range is $0.66 – $1.45 per square foot. Finally, for fibreglass batt insulation, expect your costs to fall between $0.12 – $0.62 per square foot. Choose the option that best fits your needs based on the criteria laid out above.

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