How Much Does It Cost To Install A Commercial Garage Door?


A commercial garage door is a very important element of your business. Since it has a lot of advantages. If you think from another aspect it is obvious for your business.

Nowadays, commercial garage doors are best for security whereas it provides an app-based security system as well as a motion detector. A garage door has high durability, manufactured to withstand everyday erosion. It works as a better safeguard against fire and it has also excellent energy efficiency i.e., UV protection and better insulation.

To get these above-mentioned benefits, you need to install a commercial garage door. In this article, we will discuss how much does it cost to install a commercial garage door.

Different Types of Commercial Garage Doors and their Ideal Uses

1. Aluminum Glass Door

This door is more stylish and it has more visibility than others. If one’s priorities are visual access, appearance and light infiltration, then choosing it will be excellent.

It can be ideal if one uses it for fire stations, retail spaces, service stations, professional facilities, etc.

2. Fire-rated Doors

A fire-rated door is better for security, a better safeguard for flammable equipment or materials and conformity with NFPA-80.

It will be ideal if you use it in warehouses, laboratories and storefronts.

3. Rolling Shutter

This commercial garage door is very famous for security and it is commonly used all over the world.

It is generally used for hospitals, pharmacies and street-level storefronts.

4. Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold door is one of the excellent doors. If one’s priorities are beautiful views or quiet door openings then it is better for him.

Generally, Bi-fold doors are ideal for gyms, restaurants, inside of any stadium, etc.

5. High-Speed Doors

It is a fantastic door, if you want to partition a huge space then it is best for you. High-speed doors are durable as well as energy savings.

Ideal uses of high-speed doors are manufacturing centers, warehouses, etc.

How Much Commercial Garage Door Will Cost in installation

There are several factors and these have a significant effect on your installation cost. Before installing, you have to consider these factors. If you want to consult with an expert then you may contact with

Below we start illustrating, here are some guidelines that may be beneficial for you.


Usually, the cost depends on materials and the style is being used. A 12×12 feet commercial garage door may cost within $750-$2000.


A commercial garage door is generally made from steel or aluminum. And aluminum has more priority. Edifying Fire-rated and attaching viewing panels will take a good cost, you have to consider before installation.


A normal commercial garage door installation may cost within $7,50-$1,500 but an overhead commercial garage door may cost within $1,300-$2,000.


You may choose either electronic openers or manual hoists. The electronic openers may cost within $3,50-$6,50.


Insulation, attaching one layer of it may start from $2,00. This is $2,00 for installing a small one. There will be an option for attaching additional layers.


When you want to compute the total cost of your installation project, labor cost is one of the policy-making factors. Generally, it takes 5 hours to complete the installation.

For further complex commercial garage door installations are needed site inspection to compute the cost accurately.


Overall, your commercial garage door installation may cost anywhere between $5,00-$5,500. It is our average inspection.

In our above discussion, we have illustrated many types of commercial garage doors, as well as theme, mentioned ideal uses of it.

We have also mentioned how much does it cost to install a commercial garage door and the significant factors that often affect the cost of any garage door installation project.

Thank you for spending your valuable time on our website.


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