How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Painter To Paint A Room?


There are several reasons why one may want to give a room a brand new look. It could be because you are expecting some visitors or thinking of putting the room up for rent. Whichever reason it is, achieving a new look for a room is relatively easy. You could transform a room by moving around a few things, removing or adding some items into the room, rearranging the room’s setup, or giving your room a good paint job. All these you can easily do yourself except maybe the painting. For an effective paint job, you may need to hire a professional company. An example of such a company is Infinity Painting serving all of New Haven, CT.

What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Painter?

The cost of hiring a painter varies across locations and is something that can’t be outrightly stated. This is because several factors influence the cost of painting. This includes the painter’s hire rate, the space to be painted, the amount of paint to be used, and even the desired design.

Some professional painters charge as much as one dollar per square foot, while the rates of some other painters could range from 300 dollars to $800 dollars for a 10×12 room. So if you have a paint job to carry out, the best thing to do is reach out to your paint contractor and ask for a quote on the cost of the painting.

Your painter might need to measure the square footage of the space to be painted. This entails measuring the length and height of each of the walls to be painted. Other factors like the texture of the walls, the drying time, the quality of the paint, and the preferred colors and design could also influence the price of your paint job.

Generally, when shopping for a painter, you must ensure that the total cost of the project based on the quotation given by your painter doesn’t exceed your budget. As long as your budget is within a reasonable range, you will indeed find a painter that can work with it.

How To Save Money On Your Room Paint Jobs

Just because you have decided to hire a professional for your paint job doesn’t mean you can’t still save money. You can do several things to save money and make sure you don’t spend over your budget. Some of these things will end up reducing the stress and execution time on the project.

Perform The Surface Preparation Yourself

Performing the surface preparation yourself is a great way to save some money when painting your home. This is because once the surface is ready, the final painting procedure is easy and less time-consuming. With this, your painter saves some time on the job and also reduces the charges as well.

Handle Some Of The Labor

Helping your painter handle some of the work involved in painting can help you reduce the project’s cost. You can choose to handle moving the furniture, pictures, clothes, and any other item that can disrupt the painting.

Contain Your Pet

During a painting project, it is important to keep your pets contained. Pets can be very clumsy and destructive, and their presence during your paint job could result in unprecedented and unwanted accidents. They could spill the paint over or leave messy stains on the wet wall. Keeping them away from the project site could save you a lot of money and stress in the end.

Consider Doing It All Yourself.

If you have time on your side and some painting experience, it’s only logical that you consider doing your paint jobs yourself. The best way to save some money on your paint job is to do it yourself. This makes even more sense if the space you want to paint is small. Nevertheless, it is always best to let a professional do the job if you are not sure.

There are several factors to consider before hiring a paint professional. You need to consider your budget, the room size, the condition of your room, painting duration, and even the time of the year. You must also ensure that the painting professional ticks certain qualities before finalizing a deal. Such qualities include experience, quality references, damage control procedure, job speed, paint quality, and possession of the needed licenses and insurance. Once you find a painter who meets all these requirements, you can then proceed to hire such a professional.

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