How Much Does A New HVAC System Add To The Value Of A House?


Installing an HVAC system in your house is not only for enjoyment or to keep the place functional; it increases the worth of your home, but it can be very expensive; this is why it is understandable when the question, how much does a new HVAC system add to the value of a house, comes up among house owners. If you plan on selling the house in the near future or are not certain about whether you like to stay permanently in your current location, installing an HVAC system with the help of qualified HVAC companies like Clover Services will still be a good investment for you.

Even if you are currently planning on selling your house and considering good renovation options, adding an HVAC system is also a good option. With this kind of improvement, your house becomes more appealing to prospective buyers, the price of the house sore higher, and you have more chance of selecting who to sell to and gaining more money.

Does a new HVAC system add value to a house?

It is frequent to hear people ask, does a new ac add value to the home? The simple answer is yes; installing an HVAC system will increase how much you sell the house. It is important to understand that this is not like saying you will gain all the money spent installing the system. However, it will be highly considered by the buyer.

This is why it is recommended to have the system installed at the time you are building the house because that way, you get to enjoy the system, and you still get part of the money you paid for it.

Also, a house without HVAC may not attract more buyers as expected because this unit is an essential part of a house. Imagine a house without a heating system that is more than disastrous during winter. Buyers are also interested in saving money, so installing the system themselves may not sound like the best option. This reduces the chance of selling your house by above 50%.

Do I need to repair the HVAC system if it is faulty?

One major consideration is whether you want to leave the system for the buyer to repair or if you want to repair it yourself before the sale. The fact remains that no one will trust that your HVAC system is functional, and some may even doubt the idea of the system working upon repair.

This is why fixing it yourself is the best option if you are interested in selling the house faster. You can add part of the repair cost to the price of the house, and you would still get buyers to buy.

Should I replace the HVAC system?

Before answering the question, how much does a new HVAC system add to the value of a house? You may be considering replacing your HVAC system with one of the latest ones. Technology development has brought about new HVAC systems that are more functional than the old ones. So if you have an old one, you may be considering replacing it.

One thing to consider is how important it is to replace the system. Is the current unit working efficiently? Is it worn out and maybe disregarded? If none of these is true, leaving the existing one is almost as good as installing a new one.

How much does a new HVAC system add to the value of a house?

To answer this correctly, certain things must be considered about the system you have installed or intend to install. These things must also be considered along with your house to determine how much the system will add and if the system will be a major consideration for purchase.

Price of the system

A new HVAC system may cost between $5,000 – $10,000, depending on the model you choose to install. Since an HVAC system will add up to half of its price, the amount a system will add to your house depends on how much it costs. Simply put, a system of $7,000 will add about $4,500 to your house worth.

House location

A heating and cooling system is needed in an area that can get unnecessarily hot or cool. So if your house is located in one of those areas, then one is needed. Imagine having a cooling system in a place that hardly gets hot? No buyer will consider that important, and paying for it may become unnecessary.

Is the HVAC system old or new?

As mentioned above, the condition of the HVAC is also important. While having an old HVAC may not be an issue if it is functional, keeping a worn-out system may make your buyers think the system is likely to develop fault quickly. Also, since there are new developments in these areas, an old HVAC system may not add more money to the value of your house.

Is the current unit working or not

Keeping a fault HVAC system is more like not having one installed because buyers are more skeptical about buying the house and than replacing it. Even where repair is possible, buyers will still need to consider the repair price. So if you want the HVAC to increase the value of your house, then make sure to repair it.

What type of HVAC system adds more value to the house?

If you are adding a new HVAC system to your house, then going for the one that adds the best value to your home is a good option. Some of the things you should consider when installing a new HVAC system in your house include:


One of the greatest options is to purchase and install a highly efficient system. It is important to ensure that you do not buy a less efficient one. Getting a powerful unit that can effectively maintain optimal temperature is a good option that your buyer will appreciate.

Go sustainable energy

The world ‘Green’ is finding itself in every aspect of life, including the heating and cooling system installed in a house. Going for a more sustainable one will increase energy efficiency and make the resident feel safer.

Go for the latest system

Installing the latest system will also be considered because new HVAC system is usually compact, occupies less space, and work efficiently. So if you are going for one, go for one, choose a modern system.


Installing an HVAC system adds more value to your house and should be considered a good investment. It is also important that you keep the HVAC functional and properly maintained through the service of a qualified technician who can help check, detect and fix any fault in the system. Maintaining the system will also keep it clean, and as such, you will not need to replace the system when selling the house.

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