How Long Is A Roof Good For?


The roof on your house is exposed to many different weather conditions, which can cause it to wear out or break down over time. Though there isn’t a set time limit that you can put on a roof’s life expectancy, there are several signs that indicate when you might need to get a roof replacement completed.

How Long Each Roof Lasts

An asphalt roof shingle roof is designed to last for between 15 and 20 years. However, some roofing warranties specify different periods. If the roof is maintained correctly with regular inspections, professional roof cleaning, and gutter maintenance, your roof can last much longer than expected. A good roofing company, such as the experts at Active Exteriors & Roofing, will ensure that you are aware of any issues that may need to be fixed before they become worse later on down the line.

Some roofing materials like metal or clay/concrete tiles can last even longer than asphalt roofs-upwards of 50 years, depending on elements such as weather conditions and proper installation. However, not every homeowner has roofing that can last that long. Fortunately, roof replacement is an activity that will not have to be done too frequently.

Common Problems & Longevity

Here are some common roofing problems and an idea about how long they should last if properly cared for:

Leaks from the roof usually show up either in the form of water drops coming from behind ceiling tiles, mildew spots growing on furniture, or soggy areas underneath rugs. If you notice any water damage, don’t try to ignore it because leaks will only become worse if left alone. Water can cause roofing materials to rot away, which leads to roof damage that becomes more severe over time. If you have a roof leak, it’s best to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Leaks aren’t always caused by cracks or holes in your roofing shingles. Sometimes water gets between the roof tiles and creates puddles, which are much harder to notice until larger. If your roof is old enough that any spots are missing from its surface, this could allow water into your home without you even realizing it. If you’re noticing that there are still tiles on the roof, but you don’t remember having them put there, then something might be wrong with your roof.

Your roof typically lasts for decades, but roof damage can show up much sooner. If you live in an area that gets a great deal of rain or snow, then roof problems can quickly arise during the winter months when water freezes and thaws over the top of your roofing tiles. Even if this doesn’t seem like something you’d have to worry about, there are roof tiles available that are specifically designed to prevent ice dams from forming on them.

Salt is another huge roof destroyer that could end up plaguing your roof’s lifespan before its time if not correctly cared for. Salt accumulates everywhere roads are built because salt lowers the freezing temperature of ice and snow, which keeps roadways free from hazardous conditions during the winter months. Unfortunately, roofs don’t get any special treatment when it comes to salt. When the snow and ice on your roof thaw out in the spring, they are broken apart by sunlight, sending rocks of salt onto your roofing shingles. Over time, this will cause roof tiles to crack or even split apart entirely.

Suppose roof problems are causing leaks or structural damage that you can see or feel, then it’s best to have a roof inspection done as soon as possible. Knowing how long you should expect your roof to last is one thing, but actually being able to tell if there’s a problem isn’t always easy for homeowners who aren’t used to inspecting their roofs. A roofer should be able to examine all of your roofing areas and point out any potential roof issues when roof inspections are done.

When roof problems arise, it’s usually not something that can be ignored. The roof on your home protects you from being soaked in the rain or frozen outdoors during the winter, so it has to be up to par at all times. If roof damage is bad enough, it could even cause severe water damage in your home, which is why a roofing company should always handle roof replacement.

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