How Important it is to Clean Your Solar Panels

Have you noticed a dip in the energy levels or solar panel efficiency? Well, the occurrence might have made you consider opting into the national grid or replace the existing solar panels. One of the contributing factors to your solar panels’ dismal performance is the accumulation of dirt, dust, debris, and the eventual deterioration of solar panel qualities.

Cleaning the solar panels eliminates the external objects that affect the solar panels’ ability to generate power. Solar panels with grim or accumulated dirt get hotter faster, responsible for damage, or the reduced ability to generate energy. If you need expert professionals for solar repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, click the link.

Some of the major reasons why you should consider cleaning your solar panels include;

1. Elimination of Foreign Objects

Most solar panels are erected in an elevated area, making it possible to collect dust, dirt, debris, and bird poop. It’s, therefore, necessary to have a regular cleaning schedule to get rid of these items.

It also helps to scan the environment for pre-disposing factors like rain, trees, storms, and other factors—this will provide a basis for determining your cleaning schedule. An area with lots of trees can harbor birds that are likely to litter your solar panels more frequently with poop.

2. To Improve Energy Efficiency

Different surveys conducted by multiple solar companies have concluded a deterioration of solar properties through dirt accumulation. A considerable number of home-owners install a solar system to make energy savings.

It makes economic sense to maintain the solar panels for optimal performance. A 10-20% reduction of energy levels could translate to either halted operations or production in-efficiencies in industrial installations.

3. To Fulfill Warranty Conditions

Most vendors have a sub-print that determines whether there was negligence on your part when seeking a warranty. The regular cleaning of the solar panels is a requirement by solar manufactures to qualify for a warranty.

Therefore, it implies that regular cleaning of your solar panels will reduce the breakages or mechanical problems. As a back-up, it will make your warranty claim legit.

4. Rain Water Cannot Fulfill Cleaning Requirements.

If you live in an area with regular rain showers, the wetness can tempt you to abandon solar panel cleaning. Ironically, rainwater won’t just perform the job as it contains airborne dust particles.

Additionally, the particles attached to the panels need additional scrubbing, detergents, and a careful removal process. Rainwater is less effective when solar panels have been un-attended for more than six months. A deep clean is, therefore, vital to recondition the panels comprehensively.

5. To Enhance Durability

The process of acquiring and installing a solar panel involves a huge sum of money. It’s therefore wise to conduct sufficient maintenance procedures like cleaning. The accumulation of dirt and eventual grim reduces the panel’s ability to generate electricity.

Excess dirt, dust, and debris on the panels cause the panels to overheat, which is harmful to the system. Accumulation of dirt for long periods without cleaning can also permanently damage the glass panels. Engaging top companies like Perth window cleaning will elongate the panels’ lifespan and ensure top performance for an extended period.

6. Improve a Buildings Aesthetic Value

Some solar panels occupy a huge part of a building, factory, or a home. Therefore, the color, design, shape, and outward appearance form part of the curb appeal. The accumulation of dirt, debris, and other foreign objects eats away the visual appeal of a home or the structure.

In some suburbs or neighborhoods failing to maintain the system in top shape could violate the by-laws. It’s extremely important to clean it regularly for an appealing curb appeal and a better value for your building.

7. Perfect Opportunity for Inspection

If you want to assess your solar panel’s potential risks, it’s important to do a system and a physical scan. It’s perfectly easy to conduct a system scan from the house; this is not the case for a physical scan.

The cleaning process is a thorough process that requires handing most parts like panels, outer frame, the elevation angle, potential shade, the underneath, and a closer look. The process is vital to discover any risks, defective parts, and uncover any areas that need repair.


A solar panel is a crucial element in the provision of affordable, eco-friendly, and consistent energy. To guarantee continued enjoyment of the system, you must have frequent maintenance.

A thorough and frequent cleaning is vital for consistent energy in homes and eliminating the need to replace them frequently.


Jim Pulman has extensive knowledge and experience in Home Building, Construction, and Design. He writes articles in his free time and partners with content creators to share his expertise with the online community