How Homeowners Must Choose a Ladder for a DIY Home Projects


If you plan to complete a home project like roofing, ceiling insulation, or wall framing, you need a ladder to do this. However, did you know that there are different kinds of ladders? And choosing the right ladder is a significant factor for your project.

Steel fixed ladders are very useful in many of your daily activities. These ladders will help you complete jobs that would otherwise be impossible to do alone. The article includes information on how to use these ladders and where they can be used effectively.

If you just found out this now, then you are in the right place. Before you continue your plan, read through this guide. We aim to teach you about the types of ladders, including why utilizing a high-quality rear exit rolling ladder is a must for mechanics for professional and safe auto repair and servicing. 

Without further delay, …

Here are the different type of ladders and their uses:

1. Standard Ladder

These are the most common ladders you will see in every storage room or household. That is because they are very portable and could fit in small spaces between the cabinet and wall. In general, we use these ladders to install the light bulb. Or to elevate ourselves and reach for the high spots in the house like on top of a cabinet.

That said, standard ladders are the best choice for indoor use. If your house flooring is made of porcelain tiles, you have nothing to worry about. The feet of these ladders are covered with rubber pads, which are suited for this flooring. Moreover, the footing is very stable and can withstand heavy objects. So rest easy if you are putting heavy boxes on top of shelves.

Here are the standard ladders you will find in the market:

  • Step ladder
  • Step stool
  • A-frame ladder

Now, the question is if this type of ladder is good for a home DIY project. They have a good use, but it lacks versatility, especially for home improvement jobs.

2. Extension Ladder

The next type of ladders is those very long ladders perfect for roofing and ceiling insulation jobs. These ladders are incredibly stable (just how they should be) and sturdy. So you will definitely feel secure climbing high heights.

You should not be concerned about where to keep these ladders. Even if they can reach the top of your house, they are still portable, and they are called extension ladders for that reason. Besides, the extension ladders are secured by a tight lock.

These ladders are basically as tall as the standard ladder. However, they have added extension features, which means they are thicker in width, except for the telescopic ladder of This extension ladder is as portable as standard ladders.

Listed below are the type of extension ladders you can find in the market:

  • Basic extension ladder
  • Telescopic ladder
  • Attic ladder
  • Flexible ladder

Are these ladders perfect for a home DIY project? Definitely, the answer is yes. These ladders are the best option, versatile, and offer a lot more features for the tasks you want to complete.

3. Multi Purpose Ladder

The last variety of ladder is generally used for outdoor but versatile enough for indoor use as well. That is because most multi-purpose ladders are not portable. They are A-shaped, long, and sturdy ladders. Contrarily, I included one portable multi-role ladder here because it is shapeable for various uses.

These are versatile ladders because they have added features. These are, but not limited to, tools holder, standing platform, work table, multifunctional, mobile, etc.

We use these ladders to paint outdoor house walls, frame walls, ceiling insulation, and roof installation.

The following is the list of multi purpose ladders:

  • Podium ladder
  • Multipurpose ladder
  • Articulated ladder
  • Platform trestle ladder
  • Five step portable ladder
  • Portable warehouse ladder

Are these types of ladders good for your home project? Some of them are definitely the best choice to complete your project. But for some, you need to leave them out of your option, like the five steps portable ladder. These ladders are extra large that will only fit in large warehouses.

Last words:

Technically, ladders are not a tool for building or connecting objects like wood and frames. But instead, they are the support that you need to finish a task. Especially if you are trying to reach the high spots in your house. You need them to make sure that you will do the job efficiently and not injure yourself. Because you will have a standing platform to support you.

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