How Do You Transport A Motorcycle Long Distances?


When it comes to moving a motorbike, it’s simpler to talk than to do. You and your family may be moving across the nation in search of better opportunities. Alternatively, you may have come upon a great offer on a motorbike in another state. Another option is to attend a motorcycle rally, but you don’t want to ride your motorbike back and forth from your home.

No matter why you need to move a motorbike, the most difficult element is figuring out where to begin. There are several methods to carry a motorbike when traveling great distances. For instance, tons of shipping companies online already state their fees and prices, such as the quote calculator. You can also move your motorcycle by yourself if you want that option.

There will always be benefits and negatives associated with each option. To assist you in deciding, the following are several methods for transporting a motorbike across large distances, along with their respective benefits and downsides.

Find an online motorcycle shipping company

Can’t ship your motorcycle? Speed and reliability? Speed and dependability cost money. Using a local or national freight carrier is one possibility. These firms specialize in cross-country shipping.

A quick Google search for freight firms will reveal several businesses willing to carry your motorbike. Standard freight businesses outnumber motorcycle shippers (professional services). Your bike must be packed in a wood or steel container and sent alongside other commercial and industrial equipment. This maximizes the shipper’s load and reduces expenses.

Pros: Dependability, timeliness

Freight carriers lack specific knowledge and equipment for moving bikes, but their services are trustworthy and fast. Most US regions need 3-7 days to ship. This is transit time only and does not include time to box and ship the motorbike. Because these firms rely on punctuality and reliability, you can expect your bike to arrive undamaged on time. You can ride sooner if your bike comes quicker.

Cons: Cost and preparation time

Freight companies might damage your two-wheeled cargo. The actual transfer is reasonable, but the entire cost is significant since you must provide the particular container. When requesting a quotation, include precise weight and measurements. If your calculations are wrong, you’ll pay more. Hidden expenses might be high. Insurance may be expensive and deductible. Some carriers may not provide insurance.

Crate-making takes most of the preparatory time. Every crate service is different. However, most take 3-7 days to create. If you plan, this delay may not matter. If you’re in a rush to load the motorbike, consider this.

Self-transport your bike

DIY may seem better at first. Doing everything yourself has certain benefits, but you may not have considered the risks. Let’s evaluate DIY motorbike delivery.

Pros: You can save money and have control.

We ride because we adore being in charge. Letting a stranger ride your bike might be uncomfortable. Then there’s the shipment schedule: you can decide when your motorbike leaves and arrives by sending it yourself. Moving your motorbike yourself may save you money, but it depends on distance and if you already possess a vehicle.

Cons: Time, money, and equipment expenditures may mount

Transporting a motorbike yourself may seem affordable. The DIY way isn’t simple. First, assess the equipment. Do you have a bike trailer or flatbed? How about a ramp for your motorcycle? You’ll need to buy ratchet or cam buckle tie-downs if you don’t already have them. Skimping on tie-downs might ruin your motorbike.

As with most DIY projects, it takes more time and money than you expect. As the saying goes, you can’t get time back. When weighing the advantages and drawbacks of carrying your motorbike yourself, don’t forget to account for petrol and vehicle wear.




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