How Do You Fix Hail Damage By Yourself?


Hail storms can create considerable damage to your roofs and the exteriors of your home. It is essential to understand the effects that hailstones will have on your property before you set out to repair the damage. While you may be able to repair small damages and dents in your home, if there has been severe damage, you will have to contact a professional company like HERO Exteriors to carry out the repairs. We offer a range of repair services that can help restore your house after a hailstorm. If you want to know more about our repair services, see more at HERO Exteriors website.

The Effects of a Hail Storm

When there is a hail storm, it can lead to severe damage to your property and belongings. Vehicles parked outside, the aluminum siding, the asphalt shingles, and gutters can get affected by the hail.

Any kind of hail can damage property. However, severe damage is typically caused by hailstones that are 1 inch or larger in size. These can affect your roofing systems, the exterior of your homes, and your vehicles and other belongings as well.

What Causes Hail Damage

While the hail is directly responsible for the damage caused to your property, it is important to know what makes the hail so destructive when it falls on your home. Here are some factors that can lead to hail damage:

Wind Damage

The intensity, speed, and direction of the wind during the storm can affect the severity of damage caused on the property.


Hailstones can be as small as a pea or as big as a softball. The size of the hailstones will affect the amount of damage caused.

Density and Shape

Hailstones vary in density. Some stones are denser than the others. Some hailstones will not even have smooth edges, making them even more destructive than the others. These sharp edges can damage your roof, your gutters, siding, and other areas of your home.

Building Material Used in Your Home

Different types of building materials will absorb the impact of the stones differently. For instance, your vinyl siding can crack easily by hailstones. The asphalt shingles, gutters, and aluminum sidings can get dented easily. In some cases, if the hailstones are very large, then they can even puncture the roof or sidings, especially if they are weak.

Whether There Are Physical Barriers Or Not

Natural barriers like trees and landscaping, as well as human-made barriers like adjacent buildings, fences, and other structures, can also affect how much your house will get damaged by the hailstones.

How To Inspect Property For Hail Damage

Your home is designed in such a way that it can tolerate different types of weather patterns and their effects. But a hailstorm can significantly damage the exterior of your house. Here are a few tips for inspecting your property for hail damage after a hailstorm:

  • Check the exterior of your building for any kind of damage. Look for dents and dimples in the siding.
  • Watch out for leaks in your attic or water damage on the ceilings.
  • Look out for pieces of shingles in the ground. If you spot these pieces, it can indicate damage to your roof.
  • Check your exterior exhaust fans, ducts, and other areas where your house’s siding meets the roof.
  • Check the windows and doors of your house for any kind of cracks or chips.
  • Get a professional to inspect your roof and exteriors thoroughly after you are done with the initial assessment.

How To Repair Hail Damage

If the hail damage is not extensive, you can repair it yourself. This approach is best for spot repairs in cases where the damage is minimal. While you will save money when you try to repair the damage yourself, it can be a time-consuming effort.

If the damage to the building is extensive, then it is best to contact a professional company like HERO Exteriors to help you with the damage repair. We will come to your house as soon as possible and do a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the damage. We will identify what areas require extensive repairs and what areas don’t. Once you have contacted your insurance company, we will begin our work.

Depending on the amount of damage, we will either repair or replace the roof and gutters, repair the siding and paneling, and paint the house.

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