How Do I Use a Korean Rice Cooker?

Korean rice cookers, like Zojirushi rice cookers, are the best ones in the market because of their uniqueness in preparing rice. With the help of this rice cooker, you can be making fluffy rice that you can enjoy. I know what you are thinking: how do I use a Korean rice cooker? To your surprise, it is not difficult because it is a user-friendly house appliance that delivers incredible results.

You can improve your cooking by using Korean rice cookers because they have been designed to cook rice perfectly and within a short time. Usually, this rice cooker is pressurized when preparing rice to speed up the cooking process.  In single cooking, this Korean rice cooker can prepare two to ten cups of rice. This is the best rice cooker that ensures rice does not get stuck, making cooking rice process quite easy.

How do I use a Korean rice cooker?

Korean rice cookers are renowned worldwide for making the best meal of rice. You may be wondering, how do I use a Korean rice cooker? What you have to take note of is having the right ration of water to rice. If you are a beginner using a Korean rice cooker, you should never overlook that point because it is what determines how your rice will turn out once the cooking process is done.

This is how you make use of a Korean rice cooker;

  • The first step is to take a cup and measure the rice you want to cook and place it into your cooking pot. You can wash the rice to get rid of any unwanted particles. Stir as you add water to ensure all the rice is submerged. Any unwanted particles will float and will be passed off as you drain the water. Next, in the same cup, you used to measure rice, measure the water. The amount of water will depend on the rice measured. Your Korean rice cooker comes with graduated marks that indicate the quantity of water and rice to be added. Alternatively, use the standard measurements where 1 3/4 cups of water go with 1 cup of rice.
  • Once you have the right measurements, soak the rice for averagely thirty minutes. This is a personal choice; it is not a must though the reason why we soak rice is to use less time when cooking. On the other hand, you can start adding flavorings to the water before putting it on the rice cooker. This way, the rice will moderately absorb these flavors when cooking until the cooking process is done. Once you are done with flavoring, push the rice grains from the sides, and ensure they are beneath the water level. Do this using a plastic or wooden utensil because a metal one scratches the pot. Pushing grains back into the water ensure that rice does not burn when cooking.
  • Before starting the actual cooking process, you must check the unique options of your rice cooker. This is because Korean rice cookers come in different settings to cater to the different types of rice. Choose basic settings if you are not preparing a rice variety that requires specific settings. You may find only an on/off switch on some rice cookers; hence take note of that so that you can do the timing manually.
  • At this stage, you need to cook your rice in the rice cooker. Do not stir the rice once its underneath water because it can make it clumpier. Place the rice in the removable cooking pot back into the rice cooker. Check on the cooker’s lid to ensure it is tightly closed, then plug in the cooker and switch it on. Let the rice cook without lifting the lid because it may result in improperly cooked rice caused by steam escape. Once your rice is cooked, the switch will click automatically.
  • When your rice is cooked, let it sit for 10-15 minutes before you remove the lid. Most of the Korean rice cookers recommend this instruction to ensure that you get fluffy rice. After the sitting period elapses, ensure you fluff the rice before serving. If you do not find any presence of water, know that your rice is ready for consumption. Another tip is stirring the rice after it is cooked by using a fork to release the steam as well as to make the rice fluffy.

If you realize your rice is undercooked by any chance, you can add some water and return the rice into your rice cooker. Make sure the water you have added is adequate to prevent your rice from burning. If at all, your rice is overcooked, find other ways of making use of your rice; do not let it go to waste.

Once your rice is well cooked, set it aside, and unplug your rice cooker. If it does not switch off automatically, turn it off.

Final thought

Korean rice cookers are excellent household appliances designed with cutting edge technology to deliver well-cooked rice. This cooker comes with exceptional features that produce perfect fluffy cooked rice. To those who have been asking, how do I use a Korean rice cooker? We have outlined the process of cooking rice with a Korean rice cooker, hence making it easy for you to prepare rice. This is an effective and efficient rice cooker that does not disappoint.

The best part about a Korean rice cooker is it keeps the rice warm throughout once it’s cooked. You don’t have to keep on checking the rice to verify if it is cooking or not because a Korean rice cooker comes with an automatic timer that usually clicks once the rice is ready. This article has outline how you can use a Korean rice cooker; that way, you end up minimizing having burnt rice. Invest in a Korean rice cooker today to enjoy fluffy prepared rice for you and your family.