How Common Are Two Bedroom Granny Flat Designs & What You Need To Know?


As granny flats continue to dominate real estate trends in Australia, you might be wondering how common 2-bedroom granny flat designs are. These self-contained and compact homes come on the same plot where your larger dwelling is.

With a 2 bedroom granny flat, Australians can enjoy every benefit of a typical apartment. As a bonus, you would be forking out lower maintenance charges. Versatile and popular, these homes would seamlessly complement your lifestyle. Besides, you have the provision of more bathrooms, windows, and storage space.

Popular 2-bedroom granny flat designs

Granny flats with two bedrooms are the most common option when you explore these designs. Therefore, you can integrate a calculated mix of luxury and comfort into your dream home. You can also customize the style of the internal roofing and be innovative with the position of your doors and windows.

While single-bedroom granny flats are ideal for tenants, you can upgrade these properties to 2-bedroom granny flats. Some of the perks of having a granny flat with two bedrooms include:

  • Outdoor living spaces have larger decks
  • You have the privilege of larger storage spaces
  • 2-bedroom granny flats come with extra space for visitors
  • Comfortable designs and modern looks make the homes elegant

So, when you reach out to one of the reputed granny flat builders, they would recommend you a 2-bedoom suite.

Being innovative while using your granny flat

Now that you know that 2-bedroom granny flats are pretty common in Australia, let’s check how you can put these properties to use.

1. Teen pod

If you have teens at home, they would love to cherish the liberty of an independent space! Why not get a granny flat designed for them? You can make an ideal teen pod of a granny flat, where your children can enjoy their time with their friends. Even loud music or parties wouldn’t bother the elder members of your family. At the same time, they would enjoy the security of the elders residing close by.

2. Home office

With changing lifestyles, you might look for a dedicated space at home to work from. Granny flats can make great offices, free from clamour or distractions. Working with a reputed designer, you can craft a luxurious workplace that can turn out to be the envy of your colleagues! These properties come with a full kitchen, bathroom, meeting space, living space, and dining space.

3. Guest house

No more hard time entertaining guests at home with a fully functional 2-bedroom granny flat just beside your home. Simply accommodate your visitors and enthral them with luxury. They would love the essence of a typical holiday home with these beautiful suites. Besides, you would be able to get across to the suite in a few minutes with food, drinks, and snacks. At the same time, your visitors would appreciate the privacy.

4. Rent it out

Well, you always have the liberty to rent your granny flat out to earn a consistent income. If you have nothing to do with this suite, simply put it on rent! A 2-bedroom granny flat would be a lucrative investment from the rental perspective.

5. Creative studio

For musicians, artists, and writers, a personalized space with privacy turns out to be ideal to cultivate their respective passions. You can make a studio out of your granny flat and pursue your activities!  This way, you can celebrate your privacy, away from the cries of children or family discussions that have been distracting you all the time.


Designing a two-bedroom granny flat Sydney calls for a professional hand. Reach out to one of the established granny flat designers to make the best use of the available space. You would love the modern, elegant, and functional suite on your plot, that you can use for a variety of purposes. Spruce up your lifestyle by integrating a granny flat into your property.

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