How Christmas Gnomes Became A Classic Holiday Decor


Home decorators are always on a search for amazing items to add to their designs. Since the holidays are just around the corner, they are now looking for ways to make the overall look of the house more festive and aesthetically appealing. One great home decor that people can put in their areas is the Christmas gnome.

The Christmas gnomes have been part of the decors of snow-laden homes for a number of years but the search for various designs of this ornament has surged in the last five years.

What is the Meaning of Christmas Gnomes?

To understand the meaning of Christmas gnomes, we must first go back to where these creatures come from. Gnomes originate from Europe where they are known to become dark dwellers. They stay deep underground in forests or more popularly, in gardens. Local groups from ethnic regions have different stories of where gnomes come from.

Many variations of gnomes appeared in books, stories, and culture. Some refer to them as goblins, dwarves, or elves. In Scandinavia, the gnomes are referred to as Tomte or Nisse. From the original perception of gnomes as mischievous and disfigured, Scandinavian gnomes are described as smart and helpful. They are seen as guardians of the forests.

The German version of the gnome is known as kabouter. This variant of gnomes have beards, much like dwarves, though, some dwarves do not have beards at all. Kabouters wear long pointy red hats.

Most people are familiar with garden gnomes. We see gnomes made of clay or resins that are displayed everywhere in the garden. They are painted and are made to look cute and desirable.

Gnomes have made their way to different cultures and we are quite certain that they will stay that way for a long time. Now, gnomes are also being used to adorn one of the most popular celebrations of the year- Christmas.

Christmas gnomes

Gnomes have evolved from little creatures of the earth to holiday decorations. Companies have made lovely designs out of these legendary figures from Europe. You can find Christmas gnomes everywhere- from Christmas tree decors, hand mittens, knitted sweaters, outdoor ornaments, and even cookware. You can check out joy outdoor christmas sign to purchase a high-quality nativity yard sign that comes for an affordable price.


You can have crafted stoneware plates and platters with glazed decal finish as part of the joyous Christmas dinner. Gnome-shaped mugs, condiment bowls, and even wine glasses are also options. Add a lazy susan with engraved designs to keep the gnome-inspired theme on your dinner table.

Plush Holiday Gnomes

Getting a plush holiday gnome or two and placing them near the bundle of gifts or Christmas socks or stockings may add a whimsical accent to your home design. These gnomes are made with soft plush material and faux beards. The pointed hats with a variety of colors and patterns on their hats and garments make your Christmas corners cute and lovable. For those who have kids, these creatures are cozy to hug and cuddle with. They are the perfect addition to your Christmas decor ensemble.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you want your Christmas tree to stand out, what better way to do it than to put a gnome topper instead of a star. You can also create DIY gnome ornaments with pointed hats and burly white beards for added quirky effect. For those who are great with knitting and crocheting, you can create different hat patterns for your gnomes to make your Christmas trees one-of-a-kind.

Gnome Cookie Jar

Another way to give children the holiday mood is to have a Christmas gnome cookie jar in the room. Kids can have a bite of their favorite home-baked cookies as they enjoy looking at the intricately-painted gnome-themed jars.


Designing your home for the Christmas season is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do with your family. Picking Christmas gnomes as your central theme for this year can make your home decor unique. You can also mix these gnomes with your favorite Santa Claus, snowman, and reindeer to give your guests the whole festive mood of Christmas.


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