How Can You Fit the Bathroom Boards?


When you wish to renovate your bathroom, begin creating ideas with the walls. Bathroom boards are quickly becoming known for their simplicity of installation and effectiveness, offering a fashionable substitute for tiles while being more durable than paint. These boards, which come in various styles and need no maintenance, may completely change your wet room. Wallboards are also created to a high level in various designs and sizes, whether for the complete bathroom or simply a shower renovation. Dig deeper into this post!

What Are Bathroom Wall Boards?

For durability, bathroom boards are manufactured of moisture-resistant MDF or acrylic stone resin with high resistive capabilities to watertight and discolouration. Wall boards are simpler to install than regular tiling. These are also delivered in huge sheets and smoothly slide together quickly for a discreet and stylish finish. The installation process is substantially faster, and you do not require a specialised tiler.

Furthermore, making a mixture to glue tiles, setting them, grouting for moisture sealant, and allowing them to cure takes a long time. With tiles being more delicate than panels, this is a far more costly route for bathroom repair.

How Do You Fit Bathroom Wall Boards?

How Do You Fit Bathroom Wall Boards?

After you have chosen your perfect bathroom boards, it is time to put them in place at home. To alter your bathroom, here are the easy step-by-step instructions:

Plan and Measure

Begin by taking the measurement of the space where the bathroom boards will be installed. Do precise measurements of the height and length of the walls or particular sections to be covered. This will help you know how much material you will require.

Prepare the Surface

Prior to the installation, ensure that the wall surface is clean, even, and unwet. Eliminate any existing trash, paint, or wallpaper. Also, fix any damaged portions and fill up any holes as needed.

Cut the Boards

Cut the bathroom boards to the desired sizes using the dimensions you made previously. Thoroughly measure and label the boards before making the cuts using an appropriate cutting instrument like a utility knife, jigsaw, or saw.

Apply the Adhesive

Follow the producer’s recommendations for applying a suitable adhesive to the bathroom board’s back surface. Apply the adhesive uniformly with a notched trowel, producing ridges that improve adherence.

Install the Circuit Boards

Beginning from one side to the other, firmly press the bathroom boards into the wall. Make sure they’re aligned and straight by using a level. To guarantee adequate bonding with the adhesive, apply uniform pressure.

Safeguard the Boards

Panel pins, screws, or nails may attach the bathroom boards to the wall when required. Position them in unnoticeable spots and gently countersink them to allow for subsequent filling.

Finishing Touches

When necessary, trim any surplus board material. Use an appropriate caulk or sealant to cover any gaps between the boards. Based on the material chosen, apply any necessary finishing touches, like sealing or painting the boards.


Properly installing bathroom boards is critical for their long-term function and durability. Choosing the proper fit is among the most crucial tasks in the installation procedure since it ensures that the boards are waterproof and well-supported. It also aids in preventing water damage, which could be time-consuming and costly. In addition, getting the proper fit also contributes to a clean, expert appearance that will endure for years.

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