How Advanced AV Solutions Can Boost Company Productivity


Enhanced collaboration and communication are the corner stones of a vibrant and productive workplace. Some key elements which can encourage this environment are supportive management and colleagues, and advanced audiovisual (AV) equipment. With a well organised work environment and organised tools for efficient communication, your business has the upper hand in reaching key milestones.

Professional AV Control Solutions can also help to keep your team engaged with both their colleagues and clients, the company mission and set milestones, which can increase the chances of success for company productivity by 3.7 times higher than before. High employee engagement can also improve customer service and increase the overall company profitability.

While these days it would be rare for any workplace not to host some form of AV equipment, the level of quality and the way it is implemented into workspace, whether in office or virtually, will make all the difference. There are some ways that you can implement the use of AV technology that will create an atmosphere that your team can truly excel in.

Ways that professional AV solutions can improve a work environment

There are many ways that advanced AV technology can improve the workday for your company. While some of these might be so ingrained into the everyday you may not even be aware of the improvements that AV has on daily life, here are 4 key ways that professional AV solutions can make significant improvements in your work culture:

1. Announcing company accomplishments and news

One of the top ways that you can boost company morale is to regularly share company updates and the accomplishments of both the business and staff members. This doesn’t have to mean lengthy team meetings which can take away valuable time from achieving other goals.

Try instead communicating any updates and achievements with digital signage. With digital signage, you can keep your team informed with important information through a channel that is efficient and keeps them informed which in turn keeps your staff to work like a team.

2. Putting individual and team achievements on display

Giving your employees recognition for any accomplishments made, both as individuals and as a team, can help to boost staff engagement in up to 90% of employees. Showing your appreciation for your team in the form of announcements, emails, and other forms of communication will increase productivity and maintain the overall happiness of staff.

Furthermore, research has shown that employees prefer recognition in the form of praise rather than gifts. So what better way to give your staff the recognition they deserve than through virtual announcements on display so that everyone can join in celebration and congratulatory comments together?

3. Creating comfortable rooms for meetings and brainstorming activities

The need for uninterrupted spaces has not gone out of style. Huddle rooms are where a lot of great ideas are generated and creative problem solving is made. Setting up meeting rooms in a way that groups can work together efficiently such as comfortable seating, enough desk space, and natural lighting can make all the difference in generating those ever-important ideas.

A conferencing solution can also greatly improve communication with your team and allow the opportunity for connecting with other key people not available in person. Other essential AV equipment to create great huddle rooms are a monitor and an interactive display.

4. Designing the workspace with comfort first to increase the productivity of employees

More than ever, employees are looking for a good quality of life in the workplace. This means that people are prioritising company culture, benefits, and comfort in place of a higher salary. With employee productivity relying on the happiness of the individual, there is a higher chance of high turnover and staff burnout when their needs are not being taken care of.

Implementing professional AV solutions is a significant way that you can encourage the comfort and happiness of your employees. You can do so by implementing appropriate lighting, music to boost productivity, and convenient ways to keep in touch with other employees.

Other ways that implementing advanced AV equipment can boost company efficiency

With employee happiness being the cornerstone of a successful organisation, there are many ways that you can do to ensure this.

Some other top tips to get align your work environment with your preferred company culture are:

  • Respect your employees time by starting meetings on time with automated meeting invitations.
  • Create digital signage into common areas throughout the workplace.
  • Host BYOD wireless content to avoid a struggle with cables.
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