How a mold damage public can help you get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance damage claim


Mold damage claims are the hardest to file. Any public adjuster would tell you the same. Insurance companies in West Palm Beach rarely pay a reasonable settlement to a policyholder. Most mold claims result in underpayments or they are denied. This happens because:

  • Insurance mold policies are confusing
  • Insurance public adjusters take advantage of your lack of claim knowledge
  • You act apologetically
  • You make assumptions about the cause of the incident

One important thing you should never do is act apologetically when contacting your insurance company. This will tell them that you take the blame for the incident. They’ll deny your claim without even assessing your damage. Insurance companies only cover damage caused by unexpected and uncontrollable events. There are distinctions here as well. For instance, they cover mold caused by a severe rainstorm. However, they won’t cover mold caused by a washing machine leak.

There are multiple benefits to hiring a public adjuster and no disadvantages. PAs don’t have upfront fees, which means you don’t have to pay them a dime upfront. A public adjuster doesn’t get paid until you do!

How can a public adjuster help you file a mold damage claim?

Filing a mold claim requires three things:

  • Accurate damage assessment
  • Knowledge about specific mold coverage factors
  • Established link between the mold infestation and the cause

Firstly, the damage assessment tells you how extensive the mold is. Is it limited to a single room or has it spread to other areas of the home? If the mold is in a single room, the public adjuster can assess it easily. If it has infested multiple areas, the assessment process will take longer. To obtain the maximum coverage for your losses, the public adjuster has to estimate your losses. The mold mitigation expenses are a part of the documentation that the PA prepares for you.

Insurance companies provide mold coverage depending on a few factors. One of them refers to the cause of the mold. If your mold infestation wasn’t caused by another covered event (such as water damage from a hurricane or a rainstorm), your insurer won’t cover it. To make sure your mold is covered by the insurer, you should contact a mold damage public adjuster. An expert’s opinion is priceless during the claim proceedings.

Why would your insurer underpay your claim?

Insurance companies in West Palm Beach are financial institutions. They make a profit from the premiums policyholders pay. Offering a settlement for a covered event means they lose money. So, they hire ProFloridian Claims Consultants in West Palm Beach to protect their best interest. The insurance public adjuster undervalues your claim and tricks you into an underpayment. Or worse, your claim is denied. This happens a lot with mold claims due to their complexity and confusing coverage.

Your best solution is to hire a public adjuster. Otherwise, it’s impossible to avoid being tricked by your insurance company. Unless you work in insurance, you likely lack key knowledge about the claim proceedings. While you may not know much about mold claims, most public adjusters in West Palm Beach do. They’re trained in identifying property damage, assessing it, preparing ample documentation, and proving your losses.

Another good reason to hire a public adjuster is the existence of extra property damage. Your insurance public adjuster may fail to identify the water damage that caused your mold infestation. This results in a denied or an underpaid claim. Moreover, water damage could be caused by a roof leak, which means you have roof damage. A public adjuster performs a comprehensive assessment of your home, identifying all types of damage.

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