How a buyer’s agent can help you with an auction


So you’ve finally got pre-approval for a home loan. Now comes the exciting part, looking for houses! There are plenty of houses up for private sale and those available at auction. While the thought of bidding against other people may seem daunting you don’t have to be alone during this process. There are real estate professionals you can rely on for advice and help during an auction. They’re called buyer’s agents. These professionals know the ins and outs of the bidding process. Another advantage of having a professional helping out is that they won’t get caught up in the emotions of the moment.

If you’re looking to buy your first property, having a buyer’s agent by your side is worth it. They can help increase your chances of successfully landing that dream home and minimising any risks involved. Take a look at the advantages of hiring an experienced professional for this job.

Buyers’ agents are often able to find properties with less competition than another person would, saving time in the process; thereby providing you with unprecedented access to new developments usually before other people have been granted permission or had the chance to register their interest!

Understanding the real value of property

When you find a property that suits your needs, hiring a buyer agent is an excellent way to make sure you’re able to outmaneuver those pesky bidding wars with other emotional buyers. By having someone on your side who’s knowledgeable about the selling process and can help get things done quickly for his or her client can be invaluable when it comes down to crunch time!

Going alone in the real estate market can be a recipe for disaster. It is imperative to have someone with intimate knowledge of local properties, and who will work towards your best interests as their top priority. A buyer’s agent provides an impartial opinion on how much you should offer, which means they won’t fall prey to emotional investment or overbidding- because that would only hurt them too!

Bidding and negotiating at auction

Bidding at an auction can be a daunting experience, let alone one with high stakes like property. It’s easy to become discouraged when the competition is fierce and you don’t have much knowledge about bidding or auctions in general. That’s why it would behoove anyone who feels out of their league to hire someone objective; especially if they are inexperienced bidders looking for savings on properties worth tens of thousands of dollars!

A buyer’s agent understands the whole bidding process including the rules and regulations. They also understand clever tricks and tactics that can be used during the process. With this knowledge, your agent will approach an auction with confidence, emotional detachment, and a winning strategy.

Negotiating when a property passes in at auction

Sometimes at auction, a property fails to meet the seller’s preferred reserve price. This shortcoming can result in the property being passed in. In this scenario the vendor doesn’t want to sell the property for the highest bid that came out of the auction. But this doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on your chance to buy the property.

There are still other methods of acquiring the property. On the day of the auction, anyone with the higher bids usually has an opportunity to negotiate prices or terms with vendors’ agents. As a first-time home buyer, you may find the idea of negotiating a price stressful. Luckily an experienced buyer’s agent can step in and do the negotiating for you. An experienced agent can help you negotiate and level the playing field when it comes to post auction bids.So with a buyer’s agent by your side you can definitely increase your chances of securing the property without overpaying.

Get auction assistance from a buyer’s agent today

If there’s fierce competition with the properties on sale in your area then maybe it’s time to get some help. Reach out to local buyers agents Melbourne specialists and you’ll have a trusted and experienced real estate professional on your side, ready to help you secure the property of your dreams. Head to to get assistance today.


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